Have you ever had a bat fly right in front of your face after you hop in the bed? My husband has. By the good graces of our sweet, sweet Lord I had just left the room. It was actually pretty fun watching him come up with creative ways to trap that thing (while I watched from a safe distance)…We do not have a clue how it got into our house. Eeeekk! So that was our excitement for Tuesday evening.

Wednesday wasn’t quite as entertaining. Unfortunately, I spent my evening in the emergency room. My apologies for the missing posts this week!

Have you ever been driving down the road and pull up on a big 5 gallon bucket of freshly spilled paint with no time to stop or go around it? I have! That was my Thursday . I’m just really looking forward to next week. I think it’s going to be better….

kim k.png

…………surely ?

Last week I received several questions about different self tanners. A few of you asked about the Argan Oil in particular. I had not tried it, but was totally open to it (have we met?). So, i’m happy to report I can start reviewing it for you today 🙂

Josie Maran- Argan Liquid Gold Self-Tanning Oil –$38 Sephora

The reviews on this are good. It seems the most common (positive) reviews refer to the smell and color. They say the smell is good (doesn’t turn in to that nasty stench), and the color is subtle and something even people on the fair side can use without looking fake.

Its’s offered in 3 different scents.

This comes with an application mitt and I will say of all the mitts I have used, this is the best. Usually they slip around on my hand but this one doesn’t move.

Because this contains oil it definitely glides on more smoothly and allows you to get a more even application. It says you can use this alone, meaning without your moisturizer. I don’t know if that will be the case for me. Remember I have super dry skin so I may end up putting moisturizer on top before the day is over.

A lot of the reviews say it wasn’t drastic like other self-tanners and they felt like they could tell they had it on but others didn’t seem to notice. I feel like this is plenty of color for my first application. Maybe I put on more than I was suppose to? For me, it’s nice.

I also went ahead and purchased the Face Oil -$42 Sephora

This only requires 4-6 drops which you apply with your fingers. They both go on brown so it’s easy to tell where you have applied. This one also says it can be used alone without moisturizer. Not me, I added it on top about 30 minutes after I applied.

tan pic

Right now, I really like the color and am looking forward to seeing what the lasting power is . It’s obviously much better for my skin (since it’s oil) so hopefully it’s a keeper. I just applied a few hours ago so stay tuned!

***UPDATE*** -Caleigh got in the car after school and said “Why does it smell like coffee in here”….When I picked up Ethan, “Who got Starbucks”……    For reference I purchased Tahitian Vanilla. Maybe you should go with one of the other options 😉

psst...Ebates has 8% back from Sephora today if you need anything 😉

Have you heard about this new Hair Dryer that Dyson is releasing in September? A little excited over here  !!!


A friend of mine told me about this nail polish and I have to say it’s about as good as I have been able to get. It definitely lasts longer than anything I have tried and it dries so fast.

OPI Infinite Shine -Ulta


This is a 3 step system.

Step 1- Primer- $12.50 • Step 2-Color- $12.50 • Step 3-Top Coat- $12.50

Yes, it’s $37.50 to get started but it’s worth it. I do not get my nails done (what little I have) so I really like how professionally done this system makes them look. I love it on my toes too! It’s going to be great not having to worry about chipping during flip flop season.

By the way Ulta has a FREE reversible Spring Bag and pouch (available in 3 colors) with any fragrance purchase of $40 or more. 🙂

good tote.png

If it’s time (or almost time) for some new smell goods then get yourself a free cute tote out of it 😉

As always I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting your messages!

Keep sending!

If there is something you have been wanting to try, let me know 🙂

Next week be on the lookout for  GIVE-A-WAYS !! 

♥ Enjoy the rest of your Friday  ♥



Spend and Earn

Spend and Earn

Hey there Tuesday 😉

Somebody must have slipped something extra in my coffee this morning because I am all over the place.. and it’s working. Please happen again tomorrow, please happen again tomorrow!!!!!!!

Guess what I woke up to today (and so did you)..


40% OFF -Online Only- No Exclusions!   That means take 40% regular and clearance priced items!  This includes their entire site so grab something for yo kids too 😉 Enter promo code HAPPY at checkout.

Have you heard of Hazel & Olive?

They started out as a cute little online clothing store and now have their very own free standing store. #dreamcometrue

I have purchased so many things from them i’m embarrassed. I really don’t understand why I haven’t been asked to at least be a partner?  I helped build that new store, right? 😉  I’m kidding it’s not that extreme…but I’ve definitely gone through crazy phases like not being able to go to sleep until they posted the new arrivals. My point is, they have some cute (and very affordable) stuff!

If they are sold out in your size you can enter your email address and they will let you know the minute it’s back in stock. They also ship out the same day so you always get your order within 2 days. Better news…FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS!  Those sweet words just warm my heart.

Right now they are offering an additional 20% off all sale items. Enter promo code OHSNAP at checkout.

Obviously I like to shop online. I would say 85% of my purchases are made from my phone or laptop. It’s not because I don’t like to physically shop. Gosh no that would be weird.  It’s because it’s easy and fast and there’s just something about seeing that UPS truck pulling up my driveway…Merry Christmas!

Side note-When you spot your delivery guy at a restaurant and he introduces you to his family (knowing your name) things start to get a little weird  …At least that’s what I’ve been told…..

That leads me to …..


If you already do this forgive me while I spend the next few minutes talking about how if you aren’t doing this you should. I did not know anything about it until a friend (who clearly recognized my online shopping addiction ) enlightened me.

In a nut shell, log on to and create a username and password as you do pretty much anytime you log in to anything these days. Now, you are going to see thousands of stores. Some will say 5%, some will say 10%, some will say 6%, some will….ok

Whatever that percentage is will be the amount they will pay YOU from the total of your purchase.

Here is a real example. Today, Sephora is giving back 8%. I logged on to Sephora and activated my Ebates. I spent $149.46 so that added $11.96 to my Ebates account. That is all you do!!!. Every quarter they will send you a check in the mail.  My next check will arrive May 15 and right now I have $216.32 in my account. I have the Ebates app on my phone so I can track it.

It even tells you when and where the good deals are happening 😉


↑ small example ↑

 I needed several things from Sephora and by only spending what I was already going to spend anyway, I made $11.96.

Do you see what you are missing !?!?!?!?!

Just log on and type in what you are looking for and start making money 🙂

Who’s hungry?

I wanted to share this easy Pinterest find with you because not only do we love it, but the kids can make it without any help. THAT is a beautiful thing.


Garlic Cheese Bombs

I love coming across things The Recipe Critic shares. Never disappoints 🙂  Click the link and try em 🙂

Speaking of food…My Ciao Bella delivery guy just pulled up……..





Every Monday needs a new necklace :)

Every Monday needs a new necklace :)

Ready or not…It’s Monday!


True Story  ↑  

I hope you all had a great weekend! We had family visiting from out of town and I enjoyed every second of it. Boo to living so far apart 😦

I want to say thank you SO much to all of my new followers!!!  I am having so much fun with this and it means the world to me that you are enjoying it enough that you are signing up to receive my posts straight to your inbox!! Thank you ♥ Thank you ♥ Thank you!

If you aren’t receiving my blog (and want to) click on “Follow Me” and type in your email address. Easy Peasy!

You can also follow me on Facebook by clicking  here 

On Friday I talked about the obsession I have with my AG Jeans. I was hesitant to post because of the ridiculous price tag on those things. Guess what?! I’m not the only crazy one! A few of you already have them!!!! Even better, one of you bought them after seeing my post. My life is complete. 😉  Have I mentioned how much I love hearing from you?!?!?!

stella & dot

Have you ever been to one of these parties? Cute jewelry, cute bags, and great gifts. I have been to several of these fun parties (shout out to those that included snacks and wine) and I really like being able to try on the jewelry before I buy.  I get asked about this particular necklace quite a bit. I love it and wear it all the time. I’m actually about to order it in silver as soon as I can decide what I want it to say….It’s a big decision.


It’s small and simple and perfect. I even fall asleep in it half of the time and it’s managed to stay alive.  Check it out here- Signature Engravable Bar Necklace | Stella & Dot -$59

It comes in gold, silver, and rose gold.

While I was on their site grabbing my links I noticed that if you spend $50 (ends tonight) you can get this scarf (reg $59) for $14.99. 


It’s cute 🙂

Who likes to shop at Loft?

Right now you can take an EXTRA 60% off already on sale items! Wha whaaaaat!?!?

Do you like Lou & Grey You can find it within Loft stores,, or they even have stand alone stores in some areas. I LOVE this line! You have got to check out their Signature Soft collection if you haven’t already. I have a hoodie that i’m crazy about. It’s offered in 3 colors but I just haven’t been able to get my hands on another one. They sell out every time they restock.

Guess what? They had the color I wanted and ONLY my size left when I logged on today!. Whoop! Unfortunately, I took the last one because now it’s sold out again. I was going to add the link for you just so you could stalk for restocks too…but they took it down all together just within the last few minutes 😦 So now I don’t even have a stock photo for you. I will keep checking and post as soon as it comes back because IT-IS-THE-BEST.

Tory Burch!


Flip Flops  ← on sale! $48.75 That’s25% off (Nordstrom)! 2 colors available.

tory Burch

This Kate Spade Watch $134.98 That’s 40% off (Nordstrom)!! Cute!

kate spade

Sephora Limited Edition Lip Gloss sampler  $20 Includes 8 colors!

lip gloss

Urban Decay Lipstick $11. That’s 50% off (Sephora). They are selling fast several colors out of stock.


These sales popped up in my inbox this morning so I wanted to pass them on. The flip flops I love and the Urban Decay Lipstick is great too. I do not own the watch or the gloss set but I can’t find a thing wrong with either 😉


Do you love your pet as much as I love my dog?  Not-a-chance! The craziest part is she loves me even more than I love her ♥ How can that be?  This picture was going to be about showing off my Stella & Dot necklace  but I ended up focusing on how cute she was and forgot all about the plan. Stuff like this happens all the time.

pic with Roo

She is not available. Not now, not ever. But this necklace….so available and so worth every penny..all 5900 of them 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!




Already Friday!?

I just had to double check my phone. No way it’s already Friday. Last week was so long and now this week i’m wondering where the time went!

We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this week! By celebrated I mean I got him a card and an I.O.U because I just haven’t gotten around to getting all of his gift yet…and he worked late. Does it get anymore sweet or romantic than that? 😉

My brother, sister-in-law, and niece are in town staying with us. You know what that means? I have a really clean house right now 🙂 Why is it that I can only go crazy deep scrubbing clean crazy when someone is visiting?

My niece is playing in a basketball tournament in Raleigh. 400 teams entered with 20 courts set up in one (gigantic) room. Very fun atmosphere! So please forgive the short or absent posts while they are visiting. 🙂

family funny

So I have been wanting to talk about my favorite pair of jeans for a while but have been hesitant because you will probably all think i’m crazy…or crazy(er).  I love jeans! Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans though?  I happen to love this pair so much I bought 2….yes, same exact color and all. You never know, something could happen to one pair and then what? What if they stopped making them (please Lord no)! I mean I had to have a back up plan…so I got one 😉

AG Jeans ! $225  <—the “crazy part”

(Adriano Goldschmied)


The light isn’t good in this picture so click on the attached link to see them better.

Side note, I asked for a new floor mirror for our anniversary. One thats not in our bedroom so I can have better light showing you guys my stuff. So just as soon as I go pick it out myself and get it delivered we will be in business. I don’t trust him to pick it out. I’m perfectly ok with this arrangement 🙂

These jeans are called The Legging Ankle. The color is 4 Years Borrowed. I get lots of compliments on the color (my kids and husband still count right?)

I can’t tell you enough how perfect these are. I honestly wear them on average 3 days a week..sometimes 4 and 5  😉  So comfortable!

Nordstrom has a similar distressed pair on sale right now for $157. I’m tempted!

Find those here.

Im also wearing the Madewell V Neck Tee  I previously talked about. (in Heather Pewter) ..which is now on sale for $17.50 !

Do you Stitch Fix? If not you should! Who doesn’t like surprise clothes left on their front porch!?  If you are already doing it did you know they now send shoes!? I’m wearing my first pair of Toms and I have to say I’ve been missing out. So comfortable! I probably would not have ever picked out red for myself which is what’s so great about Stitch Fix.

I’m rushing today so no time for proof reading! Please forgive me! I just wanted to get something out to you guys!

Keep sending the messages! I am LOVING them!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday!


T for Tuesday

T for Tuesday

 Lets talk about some of my favorite things that start with the letter “T”, you know because it’s Tuesday. 😉

Tanks ♥ Tees ♥ Tunics ♥ Too Faced ♥ Turquoise ♥ Tacos 

Tank Tops

The Modern Tank from Gap  ON SALE for $4.99 plus take and additional 30% off using PROMO code –STYLE  so grand total=$3.49. WHAT!?!?

Size Reference-I size up 1 size in the modern tank. They tend to shrink.

If I’m not wearing a tank under something then i’m sleeping in one. I probably own a dozen of these from Gap and always stock up when they go on sale.

 Grab them, hurry!


Madewell ‘Whisper’ Cotton V-Neck Tee from Nordstrom-$19.50

I have the white and gray and wear at least one of them once a week. Very comfortable! I know there are a million brands of tees to choose from. Madewell works best for me. The V lands in the right spot, length is good, and sleeves aren’t too short or too long. Regardless where you buy, everyone needs a good tee or 3!

Size Reference-True to size


Lush ‘Perfect’ Roll Tab Sleeve | Nordstrom-Reg $42 on sale for $27.90 !

I love these so much. So comfortable, so easy to wear , and so forgiving 😉

Size Reference-Runs large. I size down 1 size.

I know I post a lot of things from Nordstrom and some of you don’t have a local store. Just remember, it’s always free shipping and free returns 🙂

Too Faced

Better Than Sex Mascara | Sephora  $23 Yes, that’s what it’s called. Love this stuff!  My lashes have thinned out over the last few years (sadly). This gives me tons of volume!

Natural Matte Eye Palette | Sephora $36 I have lots of eye shadow choices but I would say I use this palette more than anything else. The colors are bold enough that it doesn’t take much.  Too Faced offers several other palettes for lots of color choices.

Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer | Sephora $30 This stuff is great. I don’t use it everyday but it’s handy to have. There are plenty of times I will finish my makeup and feel like I just need a little more color. I little bit of this goes a long way. Love!

use old make before buying new


Kendra Scott ‘Elisa’ Pendant Necklace | Nordstrom $50 I love everything Kendra Scott makes! I especially love the Elisa necklace because it’s small and light. It comes in 12 different colors!

Kendra Scott ‘Elton’ Station Cuff Bracelet | Nordstrom $55 Cute, fun, and adds a pop of color.


Fiesta Tacos

Need I say more?

Now that I made myself hungry I think I will go start dinner.

As always, message or comment anytime!

Enjoy the rest of your -T-uesday 😉


Hello Monday

Hello Monday

monday meme

Hey everyone !! I mentioned self tanning in my last post and received several messages with questions so I decided I would go ahead and cover that today 😉 Thank you for those by the way !!! MADE•MY•DAY !

I’m honestly not a big fan of self tanners for several reasons. Probably all of the same reasons everyone else isn’t either. I am less of a fan of cancer though…and additional freckles. All I have to do is look at the sun and about 185 new ones pop up. Fantastic  😦  Oh, and there’s also the part about how the sun seems to make me look older than EVER.

For the record, I do not really have anything against the spray tan salons. I used to do those quite frequently  and could always count on pretty decent coverage….

unless I had a Ross moment . It happened…twice.ross 2

tumblr_nq1tjhcqV31smetdzo3_250I have never been to a place where an actual person sprays you. I don’t care to have swimsuit lines and getting naked in front of strangers isn’t something I like to do 😉

My review is strictly based on what you can do at home. I have tried lotions, wipes, and sprays. If I left anything out you can bet I have used it too 😉

When I first started I tried the drug store lotions that give you the gradual tan. Unfortunately  I was allergic to something because hives happened , everywhere.

I started using Fake Bake from Ulta. -$26.50 This brand offers quite a few different kinds. I used Flawless. It comes with the spray and mitt.


I found this to be pretty easy. It goes on fairly dark so you know right where it’s applying. I used this for about 2 years before I switched to my new love. I wanted to share this though because it’s still a great product and is priced pretty well in my opinion. I felt like the color was good. No orange tint. It was also easy when it comes to touching up. Sometimes it fades faster in certain areas (with any product) so with this I was always able to spray a little on my mitt and wah-bam good as new 😉

Over the last year or so (I don’t use anything during the winter months) i’ve been using

Alpha Beta Glow Pad  (for body) with Vitamin D-Dr. Dennis Gross $45 from Sephora

dr dennis gross

This box comes with 8 towelettes. I know $45 is quite a bit more than I used to pay. Just consider what you would pay per spray session at the salon…you are saving money. Plus, it only takes one to get the job done and for me it lasts about a week to a week and 1/2. So it’s easily a 2 month supply.

Ok….even though I love love love this, there are cons. First the obvious, the smell. I don’t care how amazing you are, after any self tanner sits on your skin for a while it starts to get funky. I like to put mine on before bed and CAN NOT WAIT to get my shower first thing in the morning. Again, it’s not just this tanner, it’s with any of them. When it first goes on (and the first several hours even) it’s perfectly lovely. 🙂  Another con would be the size of the towelette. It’s too large in my opinion so I have to cut it. With it being so large it ends up hitting spots i’m not actually working on and getting me all messed up. Once I cut it, perfection 🙂 This also goes on with zero color. The only way you know you have already hit a spot is it will be wet. Scary, but true.

So to sum up the bad :

  • clear
  • too large
  • $$
  • stinky

Now for the good… THE COLOR!  For me, this is the closest to real straight from the beach brown you can get. Keep in mind i’m a natural red head. I actually can tan and get pretty brown (which is rare) but it was never as pretty brown as this. My “brown” always had a little red in it. I didn’t even realize it until I started using this. I also feel like this one  lasts  longer than anything else I’ve ever tried. With others I was only getting a good 4-5 days and thats including salon sprays.

Now the good:

  • last longer than others
  • no oompa loompa
  • cheaper than salon
  • 2 month supply

I also use the Alpha Beta Glow Pads (for face) from Sephora. These work exactly the same way only the wipe is the perfect little size for your face. Same lasting power as well. You can purchase these anywhere from 5-50 at a time ranging from $12-$68.

Sephora lets you sample everything (reason why I ♥ this place # 465 ). All you have to do is ask. They will send you home with a body wipe and a face wipe and if nothing else you get a free tan for a week 😉

I hope this helped answer some of the questions ! Remember, we are all different and what I love may not be what you love. I completely get that. If you do give it a try please touch base. I would love to know how either worked out for you!!

While I was getting ready this morning I was thinking about everything I was using and I  cant believe I haven’t mentioned this one. If you aren’t using a primer before you apply your foundation you are missing out. I would know because I have missed out my entire life until about a year and 1/2 ago 😉 So of course, I have since tried about 10-15 different ones. By the way, when you order online from Sephora you always get to choose 3 free samples. This is how I try most things. Then there is the other 30% that buys the full product not having a clue what it will do and then my husband questions not only our bank account but the hoarding going on under the bathroom sink.

Veil Mineral Primer- Hourglass | Sephora. They offer it in 3 different sizes. The smallest is .33 oz for $18 and looks like this –


This is the one I use. It is really small but it only takes a tiny bit so it lasts a good while.

1 0z =$52  and  2 0z=$72 I say start with .33 oz 😉

The reason I stuck with this particular brand is it doesn’t dry my skin out and I don’t (knock on wood) break out. I wasn’t so lucky with a few other brands.

What is does for me is :

  • reduces shine throughout the day
  • makeup goes on 10x smoother
  • makeup literally doesn’t move all day
  • never have to touch up
  • people always notice

 If I wear my primer (because somedays i’m just too lazy to put it on) at least one person will tell me my makeup looks good. It might just be my kids but they still count right!? Trust me it makes a big difference 🙂

Over the weekend I had the privilege of taking pictures of one of my dearest friends daughter before her Junior Prom. I wanted to share a few because I can’t get over how grown and gorgeous she is. Keep in mind i’m not a photographer. I just happen to have a decent camera and I love her like my own so I jumped at the chance to do it. All I did was click a button. No filters No retouching.



If there is anything in particular you want me to share send your thoughts!!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


Friday Favorites !

Friday Favorites !

It’s Friday! Whoop Whoop!

First of all, I want to say how thrilled I was when I woke up this morning to so many new followers!!  I am so so grateful! I did go through a brief freak out panic moment but i’m good now 🙂 I’m truly appreciative !

FRI-YAY!! I don’t know about you but it feels like my week has already had about 8 days in it..? 


 I have been really excited to share these with you. I’m sure everyone owns at least one pair of flats..unless you are my mother (love you mom!). I have always had 1 or 2 pair that were pretty comfortable and suited their purpose . I came across this flat many months ago while out shopping . I had heard about these but since I was relatively happy with the ones I owned I didn’t think much of them…..until I tried them on. I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing. 🙂

Sam Edelman ‘Felicia Flat’  $99colors of flat

They come in so many different colors and patterns…I  want to say around 25 . I have them in nude and leopard. I will tell you my nude pair are slightly more comfortable than the leopard pair.  I’m assuming it’s because the solids are all leather. It’s not a huge deal, just letting you know 🙂   Now, if you like velvet you can get them on sale right now at for $59.99. They have 4 colors to chose from and 40% off !

We went to Charleston, SC last month and I wore my flats all day,everyday. We walked at least 5 miles a day (I’m sure it was more like 2) and I never had a single issue. They are wonderful 🙂

So, how about a recipe to mix things up ?  Here’s the deal..I am not some kind of master chef. I wouldn’t even consider myself a good cook. Really and truly, Carrie and cook shouldn’t be used in the same sentence…like, ever. So when I say recipe this is not at all my own creation. It’s going to always be something super easy that I saw on Pinterest and it was so good that I wanted everyone else to eat it too.

 Just click on this blue link and it will take you right to her page.:)

No bake Lemon IceBox Cake

I ended up cutting this recipe in half putting it in an 8×8 pan. It was plenty and also the reason i’m 3 lbs heavier than I was this time last week. It’s true and it was worth it. Also, we stuck it in the freezer instead of fridge and I would bet it was better that way 😉 


♥ Now for a few of my favorites  ♥  Just tap the link to open.

This is good stuff. I realize we all have different ideas of what we want to smell like so just because I love this one doesn’t mean everybody will. I wanted to share because the staying power on this is awesome! It lasts all day long. It’s offered in several different scents.


I mentioned this Dior lipstick yesterday. It’s part of their “glow” line which means everybody gets the same color (although they just recently added another color) but it’s going to look different on all of us. I love my color! Plus, I have really dry lips so I’m constantly having to keep something on them. This moisturizes and gives me color. Win Win! 


Dior Addict Lip Glow dior


I love this styling cream. Plain and simple. I know it says it does about 5 different things. What I feel like it does is extends my style meaning I can wake up the next day and not have to wash my hair. THAT is a beautiful thing 🙂 


I’m a fan of this soap because i’m a fan of self tanning  (which I plan on talking about soon;). It does exactly what it’s suppose to do and leaves my skin super soft. 


I use all of these everyday and love them enough to share! 

As always leave a comment or send me a message. I’d love to hear from you!


I hope you had a great Friday! 




Throwback Thursday (my version)

Throwback Thursday (my version)

It’s throwback Thursday!  You know what that means? It means you get to see pictures all over social media of everyones kids when they were babies or even better……pictures with bangs from high school 🙂

Hello 1997!

lar car throwback

 Apparently I have missed that hair (not in the least) because somehow I
managed to chop about 6-7 inches off of my head over the weekend. I
probably need some kind of intervention when it comes to getting a stupid
idea in my head and not letting up until I do it. #whocutstheirownhairanyway  #thisweirdodoes

new hair

Do I miss my long hair? YES.. Do I wish I would stop doing stupid things? YES.. Did it take me long to fix this? that trumps EVERYTHING ! I am going to be perfectly happy with it moving forward EVEN if it won’t all go in a ponytail…I just lied, that doesn’t make me happy.

So, I decided to use Throwback Thursday to show you a few things that I love and can’t imagine not having in my life. Dramatic, but true. So, basically what i’m saying is after you see what I have you will want to throw what you are using right back in that drawer.  Get it? “throw” it “back” in the drawer??  One day I will figure out how to put emojis on my laptop (other than that generic smiley)  because how will you ever get my sarcasm without those little guys?? …..I bet my 9 year old could show me 😉

This first little jewel is something fairly new to me. I have only been using it for about 2 months, maybe less. Let me start off by saying I have probably used every product on the market when it comes to makeup. I can be perfectly happy with something but if something new comes out, I have to try it!  Another intervention needed……

urban decay


So this is  Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector by Urban Decay.  $34

I am not a ‘full coverage’ makeup kinda girl for several reasons.

  • I have lots of freckles and the more I apply the more obvious it is i’m wearing too much.
  • I have crazy skin that peels.
  • My husband would be perfectly happy if I wore no makeup at all (weird).

However, if you do like full coverage this is completely buildable so you can have a little or a lot. My absolute favorite part about this is that it has a blurring effect on your skin. It somehow manages to make you look airbrushed…and who doesn’t want to look like that?

Did I mention it doesn’t take much at all? This will last you a very long time:)

I like to use the Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush by Urban Decay  $26 but it’s not necessary if you have others you like to use. The blurring still happens with or without it, this brush just enhances it even more.



Moving on….

I have been a fan of Dior for quite a while. Pricey, yes…but when you find something you love it’s worth it. .Right!?  I love their “Glow” line. Basically it claims to enhance your natural color (which it does) so even though you and I may use the same exact color it will  look completely different on each of us. They offer a lip balm (♥) and this blush that i’m now crazy about.

It’s called Rosy Glow Healthy Awakening Blush by Dior. $44

I know that’s a steep price for a little ol thing of blush. I  wasn’t even a blush person so who knows what came over me to drop $44 on something I rarely used. Fact is, I already have rosy cheeks so i’ve never been able to find a blush that seemed to work. I just couldn’t find a decent match.

This has been a game changer! It only comes in one color and I will warn you, it’s alarming. It looks like hot pink bubble gum. For me it only takes one swipe on each cheek and the magic happens. Just go get it and thank me later 😉


Tomorrow is FRIDAY which also means FAVORITES! This is probably the part of my blog I have looked most forward to. I’m always going to show you things (daily) that I would consider a favorite ..but Fridays I’m going to mix it up with things like recipes, books, TV shows, or maybe even my new pillow that is AMAZING!


Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!











You’re welcome in advance :)

You’re welcome in advance :)


Happy Hump Day !

Anyone else have their weekend countdown on? I know I do!

It seems like the closer we get to summer break the less motivated I am first thing in the a.m.  Our morning went something like this..”Mom, I don’t feel good”.  Me-“Really, what’s wrong? You seem perfectly fine. Ok, you can stay home.”…


Tomorrow I will do better 🙂

So, it’s finally here. Over the last year I have given a lot of thought about what I would post  and how I would go about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t take in to account how tricky the computer part was going to be…I should have been studying.  So for now, I’m still taking baby steps trying to figure it all out (and feeling a little dumb)… So bare with me please 😉

I decided a good starting place would be the shoes I mentioned yesterday in my bio. I mean they are the best thing in my whole entire closet, so why wouldn’t I ?… I can’t go wrong and neither can you 🙂

                                                                 I’m talking about UGG’S. 

I know, I know it’s technically Spring but have you been outside lately? The ONLY good thing about this weather is that I am still wearing these shoes!!

Hello Patsy Bootie

bootie blog

You were thinking I was still wearing my big tall clunky Uggs weren’t you?

Obviously this pair is needing a makeover but I wanted to go ahead and talk about them anyway because they are on sale right now! Love love love a good sale!

When I first saw these I was a little hesitant to buy because of the ankle cutouts . I can’t not wear socks. My feet are always freezing… way could a sock show because that would ruin this whole cute look 😉

bootie 2

TA-DA !   Nothing but warm, comfortable, cozy goodness inside ♥ No socks needed 🙂

bootie 3   bootie 4

Really…How cute are these??!!

So, my plan going forward is to always try and show you my favorites paired with everything else i’m wearing….but since I’m still taking baby steps and getting used to the link this here, tag that there, post this up there stuff (that and i’m in my pjs ) ..maybe a few more days:) I will also add a link to everything I show so you will know exactly where to buy in case you have to have it as much as I did.

Back to this bootie. I have yet to wear these with a dress. Not because it wouldn’t be darling it’s just because I need to go dress shopping 😉 I wear them with skinny jeans or slouchy boyfriend jeans but they can go with any jean (or almost any dress) your heart desires.

For reference my boot color is PRIMER. I chose this color because it goes with anything and everything.

They also come in black (leather) and chestnut (suede)

all booties.

For size reference they are True to Size. I’m almost always a 6 1/2 and these fit perfectly.

UGG® Official | Women’s Patsy Boot | – $125.99. This is where I ordered mine from… HOWEVER I just found this….

UGG® ‘Patsy’ Ankle Boot (Women) | Nordstrom– $120.57 AND as always with Nordstrom FREE shipping and FREE returns.

You can’t go wrong with these shoes. I can literally run in them comfortably ..and by run I mean if a bee is chasing me…(because- I-don’t-run-) . I think I will go ahead and order the black ones since they are on sale and just let them stare at me all summer 😉

Well, somewhat of a short post but just give me about a week to get things going…(seriously this computer part is tough)..I will soon have much more to add 🙂

◊ As always, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message with questions ◊

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday ♥


My first post !

My first post !

♥  I have a good mix of excitement and fear going on tonight! In case you haven’t already checked out my “About Me” page I will attach here and save you the trouble 😉

carrie blog
Hi! I’m Carrie and this is my blog.

I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. In my spare time
i’m also the house cleaner, laundry doer, grocery getter, school to
and from driver, house chef (nothing to brag about here), and fixer of
whatever is broken. I’m forgetful and clumsy, I can tell you anything you
want to know about the Bachelor, Big Brother, and Housewives of
Wherever, and I never get more than 6 hours of sleep. Zzzzz
Most importantly, I love the Lord and am so
thankful for my many undeserving blessings.♥

blog pic lar and car
I married my high school sweetie in 2001 and we have 2 really cute kids. ethan and caleigh bug

. We have an adorable mini Schnauzer
named Roo and she’s about as perfect as you can get…except for the
running away every chance she gets part.roo roo
I am obsessed with chocolate. You know that question that asks if you could only have one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
That would be more like a dream come true for me than a tragedy. Sign me

So, besides my love for family and chocolate I have another that ranks
pretty darn high up there….I love to shop!! By shop I mean anything from picking out a card at Hallmark to a gas station bag of chips. Ok, that was probably not completely accurate …although road trip gas stations with
all of those different candy and chip choices from stop to stop.. be still my heart.
If I’m not buying cards or candy i’m buying clothes, clothes, and more
clothes. If I could just move in to Nordstrom I probably would…you know,
to save on gas $.. 😉

I have been told over the last few years that I should start a fashion
blog. I kept putting it off for fear of the unknown (i’m good at doing that). I finally decided to research it and I can definitely see the fun
in sharing my love of clothes with the world. I’m a product review junkie
so nothing would give me more pleasure than shopping, finding and trying
new things (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, makeup), and giving you my honest opinion. In
fact, my absolute favorite pair of shoes I own I discovered from another
blogger. Thank goodness for her!

My goal is to hopefully be that girl for you 😉

Welcome to my life. I can’t wait to meet you!


beach bound blog

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