Spend and Earn

Spend and Earn

Hey there Tuesday 😉

Somebody must have slipped something extra in my coffee this morning because I am all over the place.. and it’s working. Please happen again tomorrow, please happen again tomorrow!!!!!!!

Guess what I woke up to today (and so did you)..


40% OFF -Online Only- No Exclusions!   That means take 40% regular and clearance priced items!  This includes their entire site so grab something for yo kids too 😉 Enter promo code HAPPY at checkout.

Have you heard of Hazel & Olive?

They started out as a cute little online clothing store and now have their very own free standing store. #dreamcometrue

I have purchased so many things from them i’m embarrassed. I really don’t understand why I haven’t been asked to at least be a partner?  I helped build that new store, right? 😉  I’m kidding it’s not that extreme…but I’ve definitely gone through crazy phases like not being able to go to sleep until they posted the new arrivals. My point is, they have some cute (and very affordable) stuff!

If they are sold out in your size you can enter your email address and they will let you know the minute it’s back in stock. They also ship out the same day so you always get your order within 2 days. Better news…FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS!  Those sweet words just warm my heart.

Right now they are offering an additional 20% off all sale items. Enter promo code OHSNAP at checkout.

Obviously I like to shop online. I would say 85% of my purchases are made from my phone or laptop. It’s not because I don’t like to physically shop. Gosh no that would be weird.  It’s because it’s easy and fast and there’s just something about seeing that UPS truck pulling up my driveway…Merry Christmas!

Side note-When you spot your delivery guy at a restaurant and he introduces you to his family (knowing your name) things start to get a little weird  …At least that’s what I’ve been told…..

That leads me to …..


If you already do this forgive me while I spend the next few minutes talking about how if you aren’t doing this you should. I did not know anything about it until a friend (who clearly recognized my online shopping addiction ) enlightened me.

In a nut shell, log on to www.ebates.com and create a username and password as you do pretty much anytime you log in to anything these days. Now, you are going to see thousands of stores. Some will say 5%, some will say 10%, some will say 6%, some will….ok

Whatever that percentage is will be the amount they will pay YOU from the total of your purchase.

Here is a real example. Today, Sephora is giving back 8%. I logged on to Sephora and activated my Ebates. I spent $149.46 so that added $11.96 to my Ebates account. That is all you do!!!. Every quarter they will send you a check in the mail.  My next check will arrive May 15 and right now I have $216.32 in my account. I have the Ebates app on my phone so I can track it.

It even tells you when and where the good deals are happening 😉


↑ small example ↑

 I needed several things from Sephora and by only spending what I was already going to spend anyway, I made $11.96.

Do you see what you are missing !?!?!?!?!

Just log on and type in what you are looking for and start making money 🙂

Who’s hungry?

I wanted to share this easy Pinterest find with you because not only do we love it, but the kids can make it without any help. THAT is a beautiful thing.


Garlic Cheese Bombs

I love coming across things The Recipe Critic shares. Never disappoints 🙂  Click the link and try em 🙂

Speaking of food…My Ciao Bella delivery guy just pulled up……..





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