It’s toasty up in here.

It’s toasty up in here.

Happy Tuesday

 I was supposed to go to the grocery store yesterday (which is at the top of my list of least favorite things to do), but I ran out of time. Had I remembered I had such an important item on my grocery list, I would have made it happen.

I was out of coffee creamer🙃


Do what ya gotta do. I ♥ you Blue Bell.


So good 🙂

Tomorrow marks one week without air on our main floor. ONE WEEK! Temps are reaching mid 90’s outside people.


We keep this set on 67 year round. We sweatin.

Dealing with our home warranty company has been far from pleasant. Nobody wants to have to deal with the insurance companies so nobody wants to accept our job. What do you do other than call, call again, and call again? 🤷‍♀️

So I’ve whined plenty about my dry skin to you guys for a very long time. Yesterday at the doctor he says, “Goodness Carrie your skin is so dry”. Like no duh. He recommended this.


Have any of you tried it? He said to get my shower (and not get out until im prune-ish) and then add this all over while my skin is still wet. After that he said just pat dry with my towel and I will be a new woman. He actually said do this for about a week and THEN I will be a new woman and should only have to do it once or twice a week to maintain. I found it at Walgreens (where I should have grabbed my creamer) for about $10. I’m hopeful!

Before I go, Kate Spade has a surprise sale going on and its BIG! Jewelry from $19 and crossbody bags starting at $49. I have my eye on these bracelets.


 Only $29!

Check it out at . You do have to enter your email and zip code to enter the site.


Have a great Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “It’s toasty up in here.

  1. I hear you on the no air. I’m getting a new unit this weekend!!! And I’m going to by the store on my way home to get the body oil. You know I have to try everything you recommend 🙂

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    1. I love that you do that! ❤️ Lucky you on the new unit!!!! That’s awesome! I’m wondering how many times our company will send someone out before we can replace ours too 🤞


  2. I have an AC guy for you. Let me know if you need a name. He did mine a while back.

    Thank you for the coffee idea. Never thought of it but will every morning from here on..

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    1. Thank you Sarah. Unfortunately right now we are at the warranty companies mercy and they have to find someone. It’s a tough time because so many people are having air issues and these hvac companies are tied up with their regular customers. Luckily, my favorite realtor has connections and she’s on it this morning 😉 Let me know how your coffee turns out!


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