Not blogging this week was not in my plan. My husband taking a little 2 week vacation technically wasn’t part of my plan either.

I love having him home, don’t get me wrong. But, part of me feels like I have a toddler again. When you go from taking care of everything yourself because your husband works horrendous hours, you have a routine and like things a certain way. Routine and neatness have been wadded up and thrown out the window this week. And if we’ve been home for the most part why do I have 8.5 tons of laundry to do? It’s because I can’t function properly with him here! Am I alone in this or does anyone else feel like you’re more productive on your own?

In all seriousness, I’m loving our time together. We haven’t had 3 meals together on a weekday in probably 15 years (unless we’re on vacation which we rarely do).

Today, we put on our boots and tackle 24 acres of grass that has been put off by rain for far too long.

*My fern is dead because there are babies in there. I can’t make myself water those little babies! 😉

Have a great Friday!

It’s a freaky kind of Friday.

It’s a freaky kind of Friday.

It’s Friday and I love Friday’s (and petunias) !


This one, a little weird.

I’m going on about an hour and a half (max) of sleep and feel like im coasting through the morning on auto pilot. I had planned on running in the grocery store after dropping off kids this morning to get all the things (that were on my list) that I didn’t get while I was there yesterday (with list in hand).  This happens way too often.

I went as far as parking and getting out before getting right back in my car and going home to pour another cup of coffee.


It wasn’t Walmart or I might have just marched right on in. 😉

I think I probably shouldnt even be driving. I feel like I would fail a field sobriety test right now.

Today is a tough and bittersweet day for our family.  It would be a really good day to be one of these boogers. Their only concerns are eating, sleeping, being everywhere I am at all times, and thunder. Bella is freakishly terrified of thunder. Any advice on this?


I received several messages wanting to know where my coffee cup came from in my last post so I wanted to share in case anyone else was wondering. Walmart! Dark roots and no makeup not included.


A positive that will come out of this day is pizza and Live PD. Without fail we have pizza every Friday night and if you aren’t watching Live PD then what are you doing?  Seriously, watch it! And if you like it (which you will) it’s on Saturday nights too!

You all just realized how lame my weekends really are.

I hope your Friday is awesome!


It’s toasty up in here.

It’s toasty up in here.

Happy Tuesday

 I was supposed to go to the grocery store yesterday (which is at the top of my list of least favorite things to do), but I ran out of time. Had I remembered I had such an important item on my grocery list, I would have made it happen.

I was out of coffee creamer🙃


Do what ya gotta do. I ♥ you Blue Bell.


So good 🙂

Tomorrow marks one week without air on our main floor. ONE WEEK! Temps are reaching mid 90’s outside people.


We keep this set on 67 year round. We sweatin.

Dealing with our home warranty company has been far from pleasant. Nobody wants to have to deal with the insurance companies so nobody wants to accept our job. What do you do other than call, call again, and call again? 🤷‍♀️

So I’ve whined plenty about my dry skin to you guys for a very long time. Yesterday at the doctor he says, “Goodness Carrie your skin is so dry”. Like no duh. He recommended this.


Have any of you tried it? He said to get my shower (and not get out until im prune-ish) and then add this all over while my skin is still wet. After that he said just pat dry with my towel and I will be a new woman. He actually said do this for about a week and THEN I will be a new woman and should only have to do it once or twice a week to maintain. I found it at Walgreens (where I should have grabbed my creamer) for about $10. I’m hopeful!

Before I go, Kate Spade has a surprise sale going on and its BIG! Jewelry from $19 and crossbody bags starting at $49. I have my eye on these bracelets.


 Only $29!

Check it out at . You do have to enter your email and zip code to enter the site.


Have a great Tuesday!


Never would I ever…but I did.

Never would I ever…but I did.

I’m sorry I can’t blog today. I almost died this weekend and I haven’t recovered enough to create a post.

Ok not really.

I didn’t almost die, but during that (unbelievably insane) moment I was as good as gone.

I mentioned on Saturday we were renting a lift to do things around the house (because only my husband would think that renting a 60′ lift was necessary for changing lightbulbs 🙄..Love you LP 😘)

There was no way I was getting on that thing. I made that very clear up front.

Fast forward to day 2 when I ended up having to take one for the team because it was waaaayy up there. 😉


It. Was. So. Scary!

After that I mulched and mulched until I finally stopped shaking 🙂

Who needs a gym when you have mulch, a wheelbarrow, and a shovel? No one.


I don’t have any goodies to talk about today.

I just wanted to share part of our weekend with you.

I hope yours was a good one 🙂

A shoe everyone can appreciate.

A shoe everyone can appreciate.

Welcome to the weekend!

We are out and about today doing completely normal things like renting 60′ lifts 🤷‍♀️

I thought I would share my shoes with you while I had a minute. I bought these while out of town last year (last minute) because I forgot to bring anything comfortable to tour The Biltmore. It was on purpose because new shoes 😊

Smart move. These babies are perfection. So easy and so comfortable.

I wear them all the time!

Roxy Bayshore II. I purchased mine at DSW for about $45 and they still have them with even more color choices this year. Mine are Light Gray.

*Size up 1/2 size.

That’s all, just wanted to share ❤️

Have a great Saturday!

Why I started blogging.

Why I started blogging.

Since I’m basically starting over I decided to create a whole post about why I started all of this for your Friday read.


I didn’t just roll out of bed one day and think, “Let’s blog “. I actually thought about this years ago. Of course, in true Carrie fashion the urge would come and go more times than I can count. But, for whatever reason I kept thinking about it and coming back to it.

I became a stay at home mom in 2003. It’s been amazing but my kids are gone to school all day (and have been for years). I needed something for myself and I think that’s why it kept tugging at me.

Through the years I had friends encourage me and even a few people I didn’t know very well suggest I blog about fashion and makeup and all that fun beauty stuff.

To keep this from dragging on, the short version is I gave in, held my breath, and typed up my very first post. You can view (my about me) post here  (which I’m sure could use some updating—noted 👍).

The content was the easy part. I’m a product junkie and have a strange love (obsession maybe) for fashion.

I knew it would be weird putting myself out there but it’s been worth it and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve met people I would otherwise never have met and I’ve helped some of you find something new that you love. That part is so fun ❤️

When I say I’m starting over, I kinda am. I’m not going to have the same blog I did before. I will keep sharing things with you (finds, sales, new favorites, etc..) but not in every post (at least for now). Instead of spending hours packing each post full of content I’m going to try and keep it shorter but in turn be able to sit down more often to write.

So in closing,

There have been many ups and downs with this blog life. Some I’ve shared and some I haven’t. When I started thinking about this several years ago I never knew the impact you all would have on me. Instead, it was all about the impact I could have on you. We live in a cruel world unfortunately, but most of you people are good (right Luke Bryan?). I never realized how much being able to interact with you would mean to me. It’s been amazing and without hesitation, my favorite part. We have to build each other up and you all do just that ❤️.

I’m forever grateful.


YOU are why I write.

YOU are why I write.

I just signed on to tell you how awesome you all are. I received 2 messages from bloggers that I have looked up to for years and some of you probably follow as well. I felt so encouraged and so understood. Made my year! Also, every message and post that you all took the time to send meant more than you know. Love you guys!

Stay tuned ❤️