If this isn’t a Monday.

If this isn’t a Monday.



I’m definitely blaming the guy that charged up my bank card this morning. This is an experience and lesson I have zero interest in. Why can’t people just behave? A thief makes my top 5 list of things I can’t stand. At least he entered his shipping address. That part makes me smile 🙂

Because this gentleman (or complete loser, whichever you prefer….I prefer the latter) has taken up my entire day,  im going to have to cut todays post short. I’ve got other life stuff to do, unfortunately.

But before I go…..

Its giveaway day!


Last week I posted this mini set from First Aid Beauty and listed how it could be yours. Thank you so much for playing along with your shares and likes. So much appreciated!!

Congratulations Kristen C !

You are the lucky winner!  I just emailed you and look forward to hearing back from you!

I will be back tomorrow for #TopicTuesday. Thank you for sending over ideas! I narrowed it down last night and I’m going to be getting really honest with this one. See you then!

Enjoy the rest of your evening.




My first post !

My first post !

♥  I have a good mix of excitement and fear going on tonight! In case you haven’t already checked out my “About Me” page I will attach here and save you the trouble 😉

carrie blog
Hi! I’m Carrie and this is my blog.

I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. In my spare time
i’m also the house cleaner, laundry doer, grocery getter, school to
and from driver, house chef (nothing to brag about here), and fixer of
whatever is broken. I’m forgetful and clumsy, I can tell you anything you
want to know about the Bachelor, Big Brother, and Housewives of
Wherever, and I never get more than 6 hours of sleep. Zzzzz
Most importantly, I love the Lord and am so
thankful for my many undeserving blessings.♥

blog pic lar and car
I married my high school sweetie in 2001 and we have 2 really cute kids. ethan and caleigh bug

. We have an adorable mini Schnauzer
named Roo and she’s about as perfect as you can get…except for the
running away every chance she gets part.roo roo
I am obsessed with chocolate. You know that question that asks if you could only have one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
That would be more like a dream come true for me than a tragedy. Sign me

So, besides my love for family and chocolate I have another that ranks
pretty darn high up there….I love to shop!! By shop I mean anything from picking out a card at Hallmark to a gas station bag of chips. Ok, that was probably not completely accurate …although road trip gas stations with
all of those different candy and chip choices from stop to stop.. be still my heart.
If I’m not buying cards or candy i’m buying clothes, clothes, and more
clothes. If I could just move in to Nordstrom I probably would…you know,
to save on gas $.. 😉

I have been told over the last few years that I should start a fashion
blog. I kept putting it off for fear of the unknown (i’m good at doing that). I finally decided to research it and I can definitely see the fun
in sharing my love of clothes with the world. I’m a product review junkie
so nothing would give me more pleasure than shopping, finding and trying
new things (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, makeup), and giving you my honest opinion. In
fact, my absolute favorite pair of shoes I own I discovered from another
blogger. Thank goodness for her!

My goal is to hopefully be that girl for you 😉

Welcome to my life. I can’t wait to meet you!


beach bound blog

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