Honestly Carrie

Honestly Carrie



Yes Please!

If you or anyone in your household aren’t sick right now, surely you know someone who is.  What is the deal? It’s everywhere! We like to pass things around in my house and right now Caleigh is the lucky one.

Dr’s visit ✅  Antibiotics ✅

At least it’s not the flu.


While I was getting ready this morning I realized I had to tell y’all about something I’ve been using. I have extremely dry skin. Really, really, really, really dry skin. Mine is due to surgical menopause at 30 years old. It’s completely hormonal and there’s really nothing I can do to prevent it. There are days that my face is so dry it burns. With all that said it’s really hard to wear makeup with flaky skin. A few months ago I was watching the Today Show ( Matt 😭 whyyyyy) and they were interviewing a Victoria’s Secret model and asking her how she prepares for the runway. She mentioned a facial spray (among 55 other things) that she carries with her everywhere she goes and uses it all throughout the day for hydration. Obviously I jumped up and started my research. Who doesn’t want the skin of a supermodel? 😉


I absolutely love this stuff. I keep a couple lying around the house and one in my purse. Every time I see that bottle, I spray. This has been a game changer for me. My face will always be somewhat dry unfortunately but this has completely changed the appearance of my skin. When my husband notices, it’s a big deal 😉

I spray this on after I wash my face (but before applying moisturizer) and then I spray again to set my makeup. I probably end up using this 5-10 times a day, everyday. Before I bought this I read dozens of reviews (as if a super models review wasnt enough).  Another one suggested has green tea and cucumber which helps to soothe. This is great for me since mine is on fire half the time.

I found this set on Amazon….


….And I am in love.  For whatever reason I started putting the green tea spray on my makeup brushes before applying foundation and concealer,  and it works! I can’t say enough good things about these 2 little miracles in a bottle.

Amazon has this set for $14. I love you Amazon 😘

 Click HERE and it will take you right to it.


One more thing before I go. If you ever shop Nordstrom Rack or Hautelook (basically the same thing) then you know it’s deals galore on some major designer brands (and if you haven’t please please do). I love Nordstrom but I love love Nordstrom Rack! You are getting everything Nordstrom carries (or carried) at a huge discount. Just log on and enter your email. This used to be the only way you could enter the site. I’m actually not sure if that’s changed since I joined? Anyway, they hold “events” (sales) and will email you each time one starts and what type of event. There was a Frye event one day last week and a Tory Burch event a few days ago. I want to say Spanx is going on right now. Just click events on the sites, there are dozens being held right now. These are typically 12-24 hour events so if you do see something you like don’t leave it in your cart too long !

I received an email for the Terre Mere event on Hautelooks site earlier. I have never used these products. I repeat, I have never used these products 😉 However at 96% off I haaaaaddd to share. It does appear that all their beauty products are 100% organic & vegan.


This 8-piece brush set was $236 (what???) Now- $9.97. Click HERE to check it out.  One drawback is allow 2-4 weeks for shipping .🙄 Booo.


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Enjoy your evening!

I think I will.

I think I will.

To say I have missed connecting with you all would be an understatement.  When I first started blogging it was because I truly had a passion for all things fashion and beauty. That is all still true but after stepping away for a while I know without a doubt, my favorite part was talking with you. I loved starting my mornings with your messages (and coffee).  I loved that you tried some of the things that I loved and you loved them just as much. When you didn’t love them that was ok too because it just meant we connected more by trying to find something that worked for you.

This blog became so much more than clothes or makeup or fake tans. The more I shared about my family, my home, my pets, and everything else it became more personal and that’s where some of the best messages from you guys came from.

I’ve really missed y’all!

So after a lot of thought….


I’m ready to reconnect.

I started typing and deleting, typing and deleting and I’ve decided to leave my rant out of this first post back. I was going to share with you some of the messages I received and why I stepped away for a while but I’m going to spare you.

I’m just happy to be back!

I definitely still plan on sharing good deals and finds with you. Finding something on sale is like Christmas. I love it. Y’all already know I do most of my shopping online (I’m talking to you Nordstrom and Amazon Prime). When I go to buy something I will spend the next 30 minutes searching every other possible site for the best price. It’s a challenge and it’s awesome.

What’s new since I last posted?

I have a high schooler who will also be driving for the first time this weekend for drivers ed. What?? I’m honestly not ready for this. I have a 5th grader that loves Harry Potter and cats, and we welcomed 2 Guinea Pigs in to our family over Christmas (Happy Birthday to Caleigh!) .

Meet Chubs & Boots 🙂


I won’t sign off without sharing one good find. Right now at Old Navy (online) anything CLEARANCE is an additional 20% off after you add it to your cart (no code needed). AND, if you get 5 or more clearance items you can take an additional 10% off using the code MORE.

Click HERE for this cold shoulder top. I have been eyeing this thing for days. Most regular sizes are sold out but plenty left in Tall and Petite. Many color options! Its only $7.98 😉 Browse while you’re there! I bought 9 items for myself and Caleigh last week and even with shipping I only spent $46. Such. A. Good. Deal.

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I hope you have a great evening!