My Name is Carrie and I Need a Health Coach.

My Name is Carrie and I Need a Health Coach.

Happy Tuesday!!

I’ve been up and going since about 3:30 this morning so if anything here makes sense I’ll count it as a win.

I was going through Nordstroms winter sale earlier and came across a dress I bought for a Christmas party last year. I really love this dress. It’s one of those I’m going to be able to wear again and again (if I can get that zipper up). It’s 40% off right now 🙂



Off The Shoulder Lace Dress by CHELSEA28 $89.40. Off the shoulder is so in right now and I love lace almost as much as I love chocolate. The sleeves are AMAZING:)

Mine is black but I’m not seeing the black available at this price. If you’re not in to the all over lace the black is offered with lace on the sleeves only. Very cute as well and also 40% off.


I never fix my hair or put on makeup when looking for dresses (obvi) . I always think  if I can leave feeling good about what I purchased then I should feel 10 times better in it the night of our event. Weird 🙋 I cropped out my kids physically fighting over to the right.

If you like the peplum tops you have 5 color choices (solid and stripe) for $21. I love just about everything by BP ← click for link.

_102168875 _102140457


Jeans on Sale, Jeans on Sale!!


From left to right:

Vigoss Jagger Mid-Rise Skinny $38.40

Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Skinny Jean $40.80

STS Blue Ellie Ripped High Waist Skinny $35.40

If you havent tried the Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution jeans they are definitely worth a go! They are made to slim you up and camo the pooch. I think they are awesome. They offer a skinny boot cut style too 🙂

There are over 6000 clothing items alone in the winter sale. I havent checked out accessories or jewelry yet so if you visit the site take a look! As always with Nordstrom, free shipping and free returns.

Today is…


Thank you for the topics again this week! I was asked this question last year while blogging, “How healthy do you eat” and last week a couple of you asked a similar question. A few suggested a favorite food topic so I’m combining it all into one.

I mentioned on yesterday’s post how I was going to be really honest here. This is the part where I put myself out there for you all to judge. Eeeek.

Hi, My name is Carrie and I eat like crap.

I pretty much always have. I know that eating better would make me feel better (apparently) and I know that my body would jiggle less if I would stop eating chocolate chip cookies (everyday). I’m fully aware that I could and should make changes but I’m not quite ready to make that commitment.

I will admit I’m not a great example for my kids and do not always provide them with the healthiest of options. Friday nights, we will have pizza. It’s what we do. For days like yesterday when my brain was fried my kids had ramen noodles. I felt a little guilty about it but I’m over it now.


Welcome to my pantry.

I’m not a total loss. I do Juice Plus shakes and well that’s about it, I do Juice Plus Shakes. I love popcorn and goldfish and chips and more chips. That’s a cotton candy maker in the top left and all that amazing cereal just below it. I literally have a container for just candy. This I blame on my husband. I am not going down all by myself here 😉

I can get even more honest and admit that my kids do things like this all of the time.


Definitely not my hand-writing.

In all seriousness I do try sometimes. I know that doing better isn’t an option and I am getting better slowly but surely. I will throw spinach in our smoothies and I always have fruit on hand. I love to bake chicken and steamed broccoli is pure heaven. You can’t pay me to eat tomatoes, cucumbers, or okra though. No way, Jose.

If I had to pick my favorite type of food it would be Mexican and my one most favorite thing to eat is easy, chocolate chip cookies. 🍪

Now, I want to know if anyone elses pantry resembles mine at all??? 🤞

Thank you again for your support!


Enjoy the rest of your day



What make’s you happy?

What make’s you happy?

It’s Friday!

And it’s not just any Friday…it’s the last Friday of this school year for my kids. Just a few more days and no more crazy rush rush mornings, no more screaming fights before 8:am, and no more alarm clock!!!


You know what else makes me happy??

Those brown boxes the UPS man brings to my front door.

Today’s delivery is AWESOME!

juice plus.jpg

See !!!! I told you I was going to start trying to be a little more healthy. I think this is a pretty darn good start!

I will update you after I get started and let you know what I think and how it’s working for me 🙂

So let’s just keep this what makes me happy thing going .

Right now i’m getting the house ready to go on the market.  I am working my tail off doing all the things I should have been doing all along like cleaning out closets, scrubbing baseboards, painting…I could go on for another hour. I have zero desire to get all dolled up each day when this is my life right now….I really don’t even want to wash my hair (because you know by now that’s a process).

This powder makes me more than happy!


It works as a dry shampoo (which absorbs oil to make you look like you washed your hair even though you didn’t), and a volumizer. I actually use this on my clean hair the most. Just a little applied to your roots and wah-bam bigger hair 😉 Right now however, it’s being used to make you think I wash my hair everyday when in fact, its been 3 days. That’s right I said it….3 whole days. Trust me i’ve gone 6 so this is no big deal…But before you cringe and gag…I have super dry hair. I technically don’t even have to use this stuff to absorb any oil until 3 or more days. THAT is a blessing.

Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-powder | Sephora $12

Because i’m cleaning so much (without gloves) my already dry hands are pretty much peeling and cracking. If I could be somewhat consistent with keeping them moisturized this wouldn’t be an issue. Consistent and Carrie don’t generally go together. I received this as a sample and really like it. Nothing sticky about it. It goes on light but keeps my hands soft for hours.

 Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream – Josie Maran | Sephora $22


Comes in 5 scents. I may have already told you about it but wanted to share again.

This new eyeliner makes me happy as well. It’s really skinny so it’s perfect on those days when you don’t want to do makeup but you have to put something on your eyes. My lashes are so light it’s scary. I HAVE to put something on them no matter what. This eyeliner gives you a natural look and I love it.


It’s by Maybelline so you can get it pretty much anywhere for $6.99. I chose brown and it’s perfect 🙂

Don’t forget about our giveaway going on right now! I can’t tell you enough how awesome this stuff is!


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Enjoy the rest of your Friday !!!