It’s a freaky kind of Friday.

It’s a freaky kind of Friday.

It’s Friday and I love Friday’s (and petunias) !


This one, a little weird.

I’m going on about an hour and a half (max) of sleep and feel like im coasting through the morning on auto pilot. I had planned on running in the grocery store after dropping off kids this morning to get all the things (that were on my list) that I didn’t get while I was there yesterday (with list in hand).  This happens way too often.

I went as far as parking and getting out before getting right back in my car and going home to pour another cup of coffee.


It wasn’t Walmart or I might have just marched right on in. 😉

I think I probably shouldnt even be driving. I feel like I would fail a field sobriety test right now.

Today is a tough and bittersweet day for our family.  It would be a really good day to be one of these boogers. Their only concerns are eating, sleeping, being everywhere I am at all times, and thunder. Bella is freakishly terrified of thunder. Any advice on this?


I received several messages wanting to know where my coffee cup came from in my last post so I wanted to share in case anyone else was wondering. Walmart! Dark roots and no makeup not included.


A positive that will come out of this day is pizza and Live PD. Without fail we have pizza every Friday night and if you aren’t watching Live PD then what are you doing?  Seriously, watch it! And if you like it (which you will) it’s on Saturday nights too!

You all just realized how lame my weekends really are.

I hope your Friday is awesome!


Monday’s NEED discounted Urban Decay

Monday’s NEED discounted Urban Decay

Happy Monday, Friends!

When my blog posts at 6:00pm it’s usually because I have completed it earlier in the day and scheduled it for that particular time. This is ultimately my goal but while im still figuring most things out I post when and however I can. Or, like Friday when I schedule and it never posts at all.

I WILL get this mastered!

I just decided to start over today.

How about we just get right to what Friday’s post was all about.


I’m pretty sure this item is going to be just as boring as last weeks but it’s something I can’t do life without so it has to be mentioned. This was another easy decision. I use it every single day and have for years.


There are several grocery/drug store brands and ive probably tried them all. They all work just fine for me but since my dermatologist recommended I use the Cetaphil brand for my face wash and moisturizer I usually buy these. I have to admit the Oil of Olay wipes are really good too. If they are ever on sale I grab them instead. I added a link if you want to see which one I use.

I love having this option to quickly remove my makeup if im too tired to go through the face washing process. I know it’s always best to wash your face with soap and water and really get those pores cleaned out vs just cleaning the surface. But, it’s better than leaving your makeup on all night, right?

This is usually how washing my face goes down at night.

  • First, I have to mentally prepare myself so I stare in the mirror for a good minute.
  • Next, I search the house for a hair tie because there is never one where I left it (talking to you Caleigh bug).
  • Then I start by removing my mascara.
  • While I’m doing that (using my magnifying mirror) I see a few spots on my skin that could use some attention.
  • I grab my little tool and begin to mutilate my face for the next 15 minutes.

It’s only after I’m certain I will have a few scars that I panic and get busy washing my face🙄  This process takes me foorreevveerrrrrr.

I found this deal at ULTA and wanted to share!

I love Urban Decay and this is definitely something I want to buy (while it’s on sale).

Urban Decay ‘Naked on the Run‘.

This pallet seems like it would be great to have on hand if you’re traveling. One piece that has just about everything. Yes please!

  • Six shades of eye shadow
  • bronzer
  • blush
  • mascara
  • eye liner
  • lip gloss

It’s all really good stuff too! Right now, $27.00! Orig. price $54.00. If you have this let us know what you think!

You know that procedure I had last week? Well, I didn’t have an overnight miracle. In fact I spent much of my week with a headache and hovered over the toilet. Rough. Stuff.

My doctor had ordered my medicine (something new he wanted me to start on) and had it delivered to the house. Well……………We have a gate at the entrance to our property. Our delivery people always leave all of our packages just outside of the gate. I am not sure who delivered this package, but they put it over the gate   and Bella intercepted it.

Can you imagine what went through my head when I saw a shredded box, a chewed up bottle, and pills everywhere (some which had been thrown up)!!!? After I made phone calls and realized we weren’t going to lose her I started thinking about how she was going to get me my $150 back. 😡

Who’s watching the Bachelor tonight? 🙋

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Enjoy the rest of your day!!