Not blogging this week was not in my plan. My husband taking a little 2 week vacation technically wasn’t part of my plan either.

I love having him home, don’t get me wrong. But, part of me feels like I have a toddler again. When you go from taking care of everything yourself because your husband works horrendous hours, you have a routine and like things a certain way. Routine and neatness have been wadded up and thrown out the window this week. And if we’ve been home for the most part why do I have 8.5 tons of laundry to do? It’s because I can’t function properly with him here! Am I alone in this or does anyone else feel like you’re more productive on your own?

In all seriousness, I’m loving our time together. We haven’t had 3 meals together on a weekday in probably 15 years (unless we’re on vacation which we rarely do).

Today, we put on our boots and tackle 24 acres of grass that has been put off by rain for far too long.

*My fern is dead because there are babies in there. I can’t make myself water those little babies! 😉

Have a great Friday!