Why I started blogging.

Why I started blogging.

Since I’m basically starting over I decided to create a whole post about why I started all of this for your Friday read.


I didn’t just roll out of bed one day and think, “Let’s blog “. I actually thought about this years ago. Of course, in true Carrie fashion the urge would come and go more times than I can count. But, for whatever reason I kept thinking about it and coming back to it.

I became a stay at home mom in 2003. It’s been amazing but my kids are gone to school all day (and have been for years). I needed something for myself and I think that’s why it kept tugging at me.

Through the years I had friends encourage me and even a few people I didn’t know very well suggest I blog about fashion and makeup and all that fun beauty stuff.

To keep this from dragging on, the short version is I gave in, held my breath, and typed up my very first post. You can view (my about me) post here  (which I’m sure could use some updating—noted 👍).

The content was the easy part. I’m a product junkie and have a strange love (obsession maybe) for fashion.

I knew it would be weird putting myself out there but it’s been worth it and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve met people I would otherwise never have met and I’ve helped some of you find something new that you love. That part is so fun ❤️

When I say I’m starting over, I kinda am. I’m not going to have the same blog I did before. I will keep sharing things with you (finds, sales, new favorites, etc..) but not in every post (at least for now). Instead of spending hours packing each post full of content I’m going to try and keep it shorter but in turn be able to sit down more often to write.

So in closing,

There have been many ups and downs with this blog life. Some I’ve shared and some I haven’t. When I started thinking about this several years ago I never knew the impact you all would have on me. Instead, it was all about the impact I could have on you. We live in a cruel world unfortunately, but most of you people are good (right Luke Bryan?). I never realized how much being able to interact with you would mean to me. It’s been amazing and without hesitation, my favorite part. We have to build each other up and you all do just that ❤️.

I’m forever grateful.


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