Have you ever had a bat fly right in front of your face after you hop in the bed? My husband has. By the good graces of our sweet, sweet Lord I had just left the room. It was actually pretty fun watching him come up with creative ways to trap that thing (while I watched from a safe distance)…We do not have a clue how it got into our house. Eeeekk! So that was our excitement for Tuesday evening.

Wednesday wasn’t quite as entertaining. Unfortunately, I spent my evening in the emergency room. My apologies for the missing posts this week!

Have you ever been driving down the road and pull up on a big 5 gallon bucket of freshly spilled paint with no time to stop or go around it? I have! That was my Thursday . I’m just really looking forward to next week. I think it’s going to be better….

kim k.png

…………surely ?

Last week I received several questions about different self tanners. A few of you asked about the Argan Oil in particular. I had not tried it, but was totally open to it (have we met?). So, i’m happy to report I can start reviewing it for you today 🙂

Josie Maran- Argan Liquid Gold Self-Tanning Oil –$38 Sephora

The reviews on this are good. It seems the most common (positive) reviews refer to the smell and color. They say the smell is good (doesn’t turn in to that nasty stench), and the color is subtle and something even people on the fair side can use without looking fake.

Its’s offered in 3 different scents.

This comes with an application mitt and I will say of all the mitts I have used, this is the best. Usually they slip around on my hand but this one doesn’t move.

Because this contains oil it definitely glides on more smoothly and allows you to get a more even application. It says you can use this alone, meaning without your moisturizer. I don’t know if that will be the case for me. Remember I have super dry skin so I may end up putting moisturizer on top before the day is over.

A lot of the reviews say it wasn’t drastic like other self-tanners and they felt like they could tell they had it on but others didn’t seem to notice. I feel like this is plenty of color for my first application. Maybe I put on more than I was suppose to? For me, it’s nice.

I also went ahead and purchased the Face Oil -$42 Sephora

This only requires 4-6 drops which you apply with your fingers. They both go on brown so it’s easy to tell where you have applied. This one also says it can be used alone without moisturizer. Not me, I added it on top about 30 minutes after I applied.

tan pic

Right now, I really like the color and am looking forward to seeing what the lasting power is . It’s obviously much better for my skin (since it’s oil) so hopefully it’s a keeper. I just applied a few hours ago so stay tuned!

***UPDATE*** -Caleigh got in the car after school and said “Why does it smell like coffee in here”….When I picked up Ethan, “Who got Starbucks”……    For reference I purchased Tahitian Vanilla. Maybe you should go with one of the other options 😉

psst...Ebates has 8% back from Sephora today if you need anything 😉

Have you heard about this new Hair Dryer that Dyson is releasing in September? A little excited over here  !!!


A friend of mine told me about this nail polish and I have to say it’s about as good as I have been able to get. It definitely lasts longer than anything I have tried and it dries so fast.

OPI Infinite Shine -Ulta


This is a 3 step system.

Step 1- Primer- $12.50 • Step 2-Color- $12.50 • Step 3-Top Coat- $12.50

Yes, it’s $37.50 to get started but it’s worth it. I do not get my nails done (what little I have) so I really like how professionally done this system makes them look. I love it on my toes too! It’s going to be great not having to worry about chipping during flip flop season.

By the way Ulta has a FREE reversible Spring Bag and pouch (available in 3 colors) with any fragrance purchase of $40 or more. 🙂

good tote.png

If it’s time (or almost time) for some new smell goods then get yourself a free cute tote out of it 😉

As always I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting your messages!

Keep sending!

If there is something you have been wanting to try, let me know 🙂

Next week be on the lookout for  GIVE-A-WAYS !! 

♥ Enjoy the rest of your Friday  ♥



2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Let me know what you really think about the Argan Oil Sunless Tanner. I just recently got some Loving Tan Mousse and I really like it! So far it’s lasted all week. I did back to back applications on Mon & Tues. I’m trying to tan my can before I go to the beach next week.

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