Makeup Monday

Makeup Monday

Hey there Monday !

I don’t know why I woke up an hour early this morning… ? I even stayed up late watching House of Cards (are you watching this… c-r-a-z-y)….but I am thankful and perfectly happy with it 🙂 My kids came downstairs to an actual breakfast before school. They were confused and barely touched it…but who cares! I felt like one of those moms that does it all ( for a good 15 minutes )

mom meme 2.jpg

I have been receiving messages (awesome thank you!) about my makeup routine so I decided today I would lay out exactly what I am using. I rarely use every bit of this at one time unless i’m going to an event or maybe if I have a little extra time while getting ready…then I might throw it all on….might.


From start to finish :

  1. Hourglass Primer | Sephora  This is a must if you want your makeup to stay put. I don’t use it everyday….but if I am going to take the time to do a full face of makeup i’m definitely going to use it. Put it on and let it dry for a few minutes then apply your foundation. 
  2. Urban DecayNaked Skin Foundation | Sephora  I talked about this on a previous post. I am still just as in love. It only takes a tiny bit and the coverage is wonderful.
  3. Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer | Sephora  Are you using your concealer before or after your foundation? You definitely want to be using it after. If you put it on first you will end up smearing it and just mixing it in with your foundation. Put it on after and then set it with your powder.
  4. Dior Skin Nude Air Powder | Sephora  This is a pressed powder but I like to put it on with a brush vs the little pad (? what are those called?) that it comes with. This gives me light matte coverage but its easily build able if you like more.
  5. Dior Rosy Glow Awakening Blush | Sephora I recently talked about this one too. Love it ! . It only comes in this one color. It somehow someway gives you the right color for your skin tone. Perfection!
  6. Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance (Primer) | Sephora  If you don’t want your eyeshadow to crease or disappear throughout the day definitely use a primer. 
  7. Urban Decay Glide on Eye Pencil | Sephora  It has always been difficult for me to find a good eye liner. I’m not coordinated enough for the liquid liner, and some of the pencil types break off while i’m applying. This goes on so smooth and makes it easy. It also comes in 38 colors…I can’t imagine wearing some of them…but there are options 😉
  8. Nars Duo Eyeshadow | Sephora  I use a few different eye shadows (at the same time). I love my Nars and it always goes on first. The colors are natural so sometimes I just wear it alone. Unfortunately mine was a special addition and it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. It looks very similar to ‘Kalahari’. 
  9. Buxom Dolly’s Wild Side Eyeshadow Palette | Sephora  I have had this one around the longest. So many options of usable colors.
  10. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara | Sephora  Clearly whoever came up with this name is lacking in a certain department. It’s a great mascara but come on….  
  11. Buxom Lash Waterproof Mascara | Sephora  So yes I use 2 different mascaras for a couple of reasons. The Too Faced until very recently did not come in waterproof and I have to have waterproof. I’m an emotional gal. So I apply the Too Faced then add a coat of the buxom on top and wha-bam..Waterproof 🙂 Another reason I use both is my lashes have thinned out over the last few years. The Too faced puts a whole lot of black on there but I need to separate it. The Buxom brush is perfect for that. It gets to every single lash. I probably won’t even purchase the waterproof now because my little system is working 😉
  12. Dior Addict Lip Glow | Sephora  I have talked about this as well. LOVE it and will never stop loving it. Until recently it only came in one color. Remember, Dior’s ‘Glow’ line is made to magically become your perfect shade when you apply. My lips are always dry so I don’t even own actual ‘lipsticks’ and forget about those matte coverage lipsticks and glosses they are making now. You can see every lip line and I all I have to do is look at one and my lips start peeling. Not-for-me. My point, this gives me great color and also moisturizes.
  13. Buxom Lip Polish Collection | Sephora  These are good for changing up my color and still giving me fairly good moisture. They are small so I keep a few in my purse. 
  14. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector | Sephora  This is something I don’t use all the time (it’s really nice though). Basically it works like a highlighter and reflects light to make you glow..or at least that’s what they say….and I think that’s pretty accurate. I don’t really care for anything shimmer on my face. This has lots, but not like the usual shimmer if that makes any sense? It really does seem to work off the light vs looking like you threw on a bunch of sparkle. The reviews are outstanding and it’s a top seller. It’s a tiny little compact for $38. It only takes a tee-tiny bit so this will last a very long time. 

This looks like I wear a lot of makeup. Do I? Goodness….

**Let me know one makeup product you use that is your absolute favorite and why ! **

Tanning Review

Friday I tried a new self tanner that you guys asked about.

Josie Maran Argan Liquid Gold Self Tanning Oil | Sephora

Honestly, I really like it. I will say I probably put on more than I needed to because I got pretty dark. I should have made before and after photos but for whatever reason it didn’t cross my mind …dumb dumb. I will do better next time 🙂 

The smell. It wasn’t the worst. Usually if it’s the day I have applied (any) tanner my husband knows right when he gets home. He said it wasn’t bad. After my shower the next morning no more stink 😉  I also don’t feel like the shower washes as much off as usual. I will apply again this week and then give you my full review in the next several days.

Mom’s Day

Have you finished up (or started) your Mother’s Day Shopping?

Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy have 40% off right now PLUS 2 day shipping (free) when you enter promo code TREAT.

I mean I’m a mom… and I want this romper… Doesn’t a sale make things even cuter? That’s $20 off…. I think I will 🙂


♥♥ I’m giving away a few of my favorite things this week ♥♥

give a way

Stay tuned for more details on how they can be yours !

Enjoy the rest of your Monday

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