Hello Monday

Hello Monday

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Hey everyone !! I mentioned self tanning in my last post and received several messages with questions so I decided I would go ahead and cover that today 😉 Thank you for those by the way !!! MADE•MY•DAY !

I’m honestly not a big fan of self tanners for several reasons. Probably all of the same reasons everyone else isn’t either. I am less of a fan of cancer though…and additional freckles. All I have to do is look at the sun and about 185 new ones pop up. Fantastic  😦  Oh, and there’s also the part about how the sun seems to make me look older than EVER.

For the record, I do not really have anything against the spray tan salons. I used to do those quite frequently  and could always count on pretty decent coverage….

unless I had a Ross moment . It happened…twice.ross 2

tumblr_nq1tjhcqV31smetdzo3_250I have never been to a place where an actual person sprays you. I don’t care to have swimsuit lines and getting naked in front of strangers isn’t something I like to do 😉

My review is strictly based on what you can do at home. I have tried lotions, wipes, and sprays. If I left anything out you can bet I have used it too 😉

When I first started I tried the drug store lotions that give you the gradual tan. Unfortunately  I was allergic to something because hives happened , everywhere.

I started using Fake Bake from Ulta. -$26.50 This brand offers quite a few different kinds. I used Flawless. It comes with the spray and mitt.


I found this to be pretty easy. It goes on fairly dark so you know right where it’s applying. I used this for about 2 years before I switched to my new love. I wanted to share this though because it’s still a great product and is priced pretty well in my opinion. I felt like the color was good. No orange tint. It was also easy when it comes to touching up. Sometimes it fades faster in certain areas (with any product) so with this I was always able to spray a little on my mitt and wah-bam good as new 😉

Over the last year or so (I don’t use anything during the winter months) i’ve been using

Alpha Beta Glow Pad  (for body) with Vitamin D-Dr. Dennis Gross $45 from Sephora

dr dennis gross

This box comes with 8 towelettes. I know $45 is quite a bit more than I used to pay. Just consider what you would pay per spray session at the salon…you are saving money. Plus, it only takes one to get the job done and for me it lasts about a week to a week and 1/2. So it’s easily a 2 month supply.

Ok….even though I love love love this, there are cons. First the obvious, the smell. I don’t care how amazing you are, after any self tanner sits on your skin for a while it starts to get funky. I like to put mine on before bed and CAN NOT WAIT to get my shower first thing in the morning. Again, it’s not just this tanner, it’s with any of them. When it first goes on (and the first several hours even) it’s perfectly lovely. 🙂  Another con would be the size of the towelette. It’s too large in my opinion so I have to cut it. With it being so large it ends up hitting spots i’m not actually working on and getting me all messed up. Once I cut it, perfection 🙂 This also goes on with zero color. The only way you know you have already hit a spot is it will be wet. Scary, but true.

So to sum up the bad :

  • clear
  • too large
  • $$
  • stinky

Now for the good… THE COLOR!  For me, this is the closest to real straight from the beach brown you can get. Keep in mind i’m a natural red head. I actually can tan and get pretty brown (which is rare) but it was never as pretty brown as this. My “brown” always had a little red in it. I didn’t even realize it until I started using this. I also feel like this one  lasts  longer than anything else I’ve ever tried. With others I was only getting a good 4-5 days and thats including salon sprays.

Now the good:

  • last longer than others
  • no oompa loompa
  • cheaper than salon
  • 2 month supply

I also use the Alpha Beta Glow Pads (for face) from Sephora. These work exactly the same way only the wipe is the perfect little size for your face. Same lasting power as well. You can purchase these anywhere from 5-50 at a time ranging from $12-$68.

Sephora lets you sample everything (reason why I ♥ this place # 465 ). All you have to do is ask. They will send you home with a body wipe and a face wipe and if nothing else you get a free tan for a week 😉

I hope this helped answer some of the questions ! Remember, we are all different and what I love may not be what you love. I completely get that. If you do give it a try please touch base. I would love to know how either worked out for you!!

While I was getting ready this morning I was thinking about everything I was using and I  cant believe I haven’t mentioned this one. If you aren’t using a primer before you apply your foundation you are missing out. I would know because I have missed out my entire life until about a year and 1/2 ago 😉 So of course, I have since tried about 10-15 different ones. By the way, when you order online from Sephora you always get to choose 3 free samples. This is how I try most things. Then there is the other 30% that buys the full product not having a clue what it will do and then my husband questions not only our bank account but the hoarding going on under the bathroom sink.

Veil Mineral Primer- Hourglass | Sephora. They offer it in 3 different sizes. The smallest is .33 oz for $18 and looks like this –


This is the one I use. It is really small but it only takes a tiny bit so it lasts a good while.

1 0z =$52  and  2 0z=$72 I say start with .33 oz 😉

The reason I stuck with this particular brand is it doesn’t dry my skin out and I don’t (knock on wood) break out. I wasn’t so lucky with a few other brands.

What is does for me is :

  • reduces shine throughout the day
  • makeup goes on 10x smoother
  • makeup literally doesn’t move all day
  • never have to touch up
  • people always notice

 If I wear my primer (because somedays i’m just too lazy to put it on) at least one person will tell me my makeup looks good. It might just be my kids but they still count right!? Trust me it makes a big difference 🙂

Over the weekend I had the privilege of taking pictures of one of my dearest friends daughter before her Junior Prom. I wanted to share a few because I can’t get over how grown and gorgeous she is. Keep in mind i’m not a photographer. I just happen to have a decent camera and I love her like my own so I jumped at the chance to do it. All I did was click a button. No filters No retouching.



If there is anything in particular you want me to share send your thoughts!!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


4 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Hey Carrie, I was just wondering… Do you get any transfer onto your sheets after using the AB Glow? I have had some bad luck with other products… Thanks in advance for info 🙂


    1. Hi Sheryl!
      I don’t. I should tell you though, I’m always cold so I sleep pretty covered up. Socks, sweatpants, t-shirT. We do have all white bedding and I know my pillow hasn’t had any issues. I’m sorry I’m not more help here!


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