Friday Favorites !

Friday Favorites !

It’s Friday! Whoop Whoop!

First of all, I want to say how thrilled I was when I woke up this morning to so many new followers!!  I am so so grateful! I did go through a brief freak out panic moment but i’m good now 🙂 I’m truly appreciative !

FRI-YAY!! I don’t know about you but it feels like my week has already had about 8 days in it..? 


 I have been really excited to share these with you. I’m sure everyone owns at least one pair of flats..unless you are my mother (love you mom!). I have always had 1 or 2 pair that were pretty comfortable and suited their purpose . I came across this flat many months ago while out shopping . I had heard about these but since I was relatively happy with the ones I owned I didn’t think much of them…..until I tried them on. I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing. 🙂

Sam Edelman ‘Felicia Flat’  $99colors of flat

They come in so many different colors and patterns…I  want to say around 25 . I have them in nude and leopard. I will tell you my nude pair are slightly more comfortable than the leopard pair.  I’m assuming it’s because the solids are all leather. It’s not a huge deal, just letting you know 🙂   Now, if you like velvet you can get them on sale right now at for $59.99. They have 4 colors to chose from and 40% off !

We went to Charleston, SC last month and I wore my flats all day,everyday. We walked at least 5 miles a day (I’m sure it was more like 2) and I never had a single issue. They are wonderful 🙂

So, how about a recipe to mix things up ?  Here’s the deal..I am not some kind of master chef. I wouldn’t even consider myself a good cook. Really and truly, Carrie and cook shouldn’t be used in the same sentence…like, ever. So when I say recipe this is not at all my own creation. It’s going to always be something super easy that I saw on Pinterest and it was so good that I wanted everyone else to eat it too.

 Just click on this blue link and it will take you right to her page.:)

No bake Lemon IceBox Cake

I ended up cutting this recipe in half putting it in an 8×8 pan. It was plenty and also the reason i’m 3 lbs heavier than I was this time last week. It’s true and it was worth it. Also, we stuck it in the freezer instead of fridge and I would bet it was better that way 😉 


♥ Now for a few of my favorites  ♥  Just tap the link to open.

This is good stuff. I realize we all have different ideas of what we want to smell like so just because I love this one doesn’t mean everybody will. I wanted to share because the staying power on this is awesome! It lasts all day long. It’s offered in several different scents.


I mentioned this Dior lipstick yesterday. It’s part of their “glow” line which means everybody gets the same color (although they just recently added another color) but it’s going to look different on all of us. I love my color! Plus, I have really dry lips so I’m constantly having to keep something on them. This moisturizes and gives me color. Win Win! 


Dior Addict Lip Glow dior


I love this styling cream. Plain and simple. I know it says it does about 5 different things. What I feel like it does is extends my style meaning I can wake up the next day and not have to wash my hair. THAT is a beautiful thing 🙂 


I’m a fan of this soap because i’m a fan of self tanning  (which I plan on talking about soon;). It does exactly what it’s suppose to do and leaves my skin super soft. 


I use all of these everyday and love them enough to share! 

As always leave a comment or send me a message. I’d love to hear from you!


I hope you had a great Friday! 




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