Throwback Thursday (my version)

Throwback Thursday (my version)

It’s throwback Thursday!  You know what that means? It means you get to see pictures all over social media of everyones kids when they were babies or even better……pictures with bangs from high school 🙂

Hello 1997!

lar car throwback

 Apparently I have missed that hair (not in the least) because somehow I
managed to chop about 6-7 inches off of my head over the weekend. I
probably need some kind of intervention when it comes to getting a stupid
idea in my head and not letting up until I do it. #whocutstheirownhairanyway  #thisweirdodoes

new hair

Do I miss my long hair? YES.. Do I wish I would stop doing stupid things? YES.. Did it take me long to fix this? that trumps EVERYTHING ! I am going to be perfectly happy with it moving forward EVEN if it won’t all go in a ponytail…I just lied, that doesn’t make me happy.

So, I decided to use Throwback Thursday to show you a few things that I love and can’t imagine not having in my life. Dramatic, but true. So, basically what i’m saying is after you see what I have you will want to throw what you are using right back in that drawer.  Get it? “throw” it “back” in the drawer??  One day I will figure out how to put emojis on my laptop (other than that generic smiley)  because how will you ever get my sarcasm without those little guys?? …..I bet my 9 year old could show me 😉

This first little jewel is something fairly new to me. I have only been using it for about 2 months, maybe less. Let me start off by saying I have probably used every product on the market when it comes to makeup. I can be perfectly happy with something but if something new comes out, I have to try it!  Another intervention needed……

urban decay


So this is  Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector by Urban Decay.  $34

I am not a ‘full coverage’ makeup kinda girl for several reasons.

  • I have lots of freckles and the more I apply the more obvious it is i’m wearing too much.
  • I have crazy skin that peels.
  • My husband would be perfectly happy if I wore no makeup at all (weird).

However, if you do like full coverage this is completely buildable so you can have a little or a lot. My absolute favorite part about this is that it has a blurring effect on your skin. It somehow manages to make you look airbrushed…and who doesn’t want to look like that?

Did I mention it doesn’t take much at all? This will last you a very long time:)

I like to use the Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush by Urban Decay  $26 but it’s not necessary if you have others you like to use. The blurring still happens with or without it, this brush just enhances it even more.



Moving on….

I have been a fan of Dior for quite a while. Pricey, yes…but when you find something you love it’s worth it. .Right!?  I love their “Glow” line. Basically it claims to enhance your natural color (which it does) so even though you and I may use the same exact color it will  look completely different on each of us. They offer a lip balm (♥) and this blush that i’m now crazy about.

It’s called Rosy Glow Healthy Awakening Blush by Dior. $44

I know that’s a steep price for a little ol thing of blush. I  wasn’t even a blush person so who knows what came over me to drop $44 on something I rarely used. Fact is, I already have rosy cheeks so i’ve never been able to find a blush that seemed to work. I just couldn’t find a decent match.

This has been a game changer! It only comes in one color and I will warn you, it’s alarming. It looks like hot pink bubble gum. For me it only takes one swipe on each cheek and the magic happens. Just go get it and thank me later 😉


Tomorrow is FRIDAY which also means FAVORITES! This is probably the part of my blog I have looked most forward to. I’m always going to show you things (daily) that I would consider a favorite ..but Fridays I’m going to mix it up with things like recipes, books, TV shows, or maybe even my new pillow that is AMAZING!


Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!











6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday (my version)

    1. There’s that emoji full of sarcasm I was searching for 😉 By recipes I mean something I took from Pinterest and loved…not anything I created with my own brain. Come on, you know me better than that!


  1. Now I just have to decide which item to order first!! I’m always on the search for a good light weight foundation but you have me realllllyy wanting to try the blush!! Loving the tips!! I feel like I have my own personal stylist/makeup consultant 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely love the urban decay makeup brush, but I have the foundation brush and the bristles fall out like crazy!


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