T for Tuesday

T for Tuesday

 Lets talk about some of my favorite things that start with the letter “T”, you know because it’s Tuesday. 😉

Tanks ♥ Tees ♥ Tunics ♥ Too Faced ♥ Turquoise ♥ Tacos 

Tank Tops

The Modern Tank from Gap  ON SALE for $4.99 plus take and additional 30% off using PROMO code –STYLE  so grand total=$3.49. WHAT!?!?

Size Reference-I size up 1 size in the modern tank. They tend to shrink.

If I’m not wearing a tank under something then i’m sleeping in one. I probably own a dozen of these from Gap and always stock up when they go on sale.

 Grab them, hurry!


Madewell ‘Whisper’ Cotton V-Neck Tee from Nordstrom-$19.50

I have the white and gray and wear at least one of them once a week. Very comfortable! I know there are a million brands of tees to choose from. Madewell works best for me. The V lands in the right spot, length is good, and sleeves aren’t too short or too long. Regardless where you buy, everyone needs a good tee or 3!

Size Reference-True to size


Lush ‘Perfect’ Roll Tab Sleeve | Nordstrom-Reg $42 on sale for $27.90 !

I love these so much. So comfortable, so easy to wear , and so forgiving 😉

Size Reference-Runs large. I size down 1 size.

I know I post a lot of things from Nordstrom and some of you don’t have a local store. Just remember, it’s always free shipping and free returns 🙂

Too Faced

Better Than Sex Mascara | Sephora  $23 Yes, that’s what it’s called. Love this stuff!  My lashes have thinned out over the last few years (sadly). This gives me tons of volume!

Natural Matte Eye Palette | Sephora $36 I have lots of eye shadow choices but I would say I use this palette more than anything else. The colors are bold enough that it doesn’t take much.  Too Faced offers several other palettes for lots of color choices.

Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer | Sephora $30 This stuff is great. I don’t use it everyday but it’s handy to have. There are plenty of times I will finish my makeup and feel like I just need a little more color. I little bit of this goes a long way. Love!

use old make before buying new


Kendra Scott ‘Elisa’ Pendant Necklace | Nordstrom $50 I love everything Kendra Scott makes! I especially love the Elisa necklace because it’s small and light. It comes in 12 different colors!

Kendra Scott ‘Elton’ Station Cuff Bracelet | Nordstrom $55 Cute, fun, and adds a pop of color.


Fiesta Tacos

Need I say more?

Now that I made myself hungry I think I will go start dinner.

As always, message or comment anytime!

Enjoy the rest of your -T-uesday 😉


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