New month + New stuff

New month + New stuff


Oh hey Bella!

Happy Friday !

I’m just going to be honest, I’m a complete moron when it comes to building a web page.  A total and complete


I put in hours of work before I realized the new format wasn’t going to be compatible with all devices. Hours. And Hours. And Hours.  Can I not just hire someone to come sit with me for a few days and get it all figured out? Maybe a cleaning lady that really knows her stuff? 2 for 1? 😉

I want to try a couple of new things with you guys. When I was doing this about a year ago I received a lot of questions about different things from products, to my kids, to my favorite toilet paper (I can provide proof 😉 etc…

I want to start hearing from you all again because we all know how much I loooovveeedd it. Send me your questions and I will feature one in my next post! You can either post your questions on my Facebook page , the comment section of this blog, or email me directly at

 The next thing I want to do is start featuring “That 1 thing I possibly couldn’t do life without” item (because I’m dramatic and those really do exist).  Then I want to hear what your can’t live life without item would be because chances are we all need it too 🙂

So, let’s start today and do this every Friday 👍

We will call it…..


My Slippers!


I know, super boring but they are AMAZING. My feet stay cold so they are the first thing I put on when I get home and the first thing on when I roll out of bed. You will even see me at the mailbox in July when it’s 99 degrees outside with these precious babies on. They have been around awhile and are really worn but they are perfect!!

Women’s UGG Dakota Slipper

On sale $69 (reg $99)

Yes, they are pricey. Stupid pricey, even on sale. Like REALLY stupid pricey.  But I mentioned they were perfect, right?  You can wear them inside or outside which is great. IF I had to give one negative it would be the ties come untied from time to time and for a $69 pair of slippers i’d like the things to at least tie themselves back if they are going to do that. They dont 🙄

 I found these Lugz on Amazon for $15.99. One review says they are cozy but too tight. This is probably true. When you first put them on they feel very snug but it doesnt take long for the fur to calm down. Patience and faith people. Mine are actually slipping a little now. Sad, but true. 😦  Another option, these Minnetonka’s

They are $27.99 on Amazon with 5 star reviews. Caleigh’s slippers are identical to mine only the Minnetonka brand and she loves them 🙂

So…….if you don’t own a pair of cozy slippers please, please  stop being so cruel to yourself. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your evening !!!


You’re welcome in advance :)

You’re welcome in advance :)


Happy Hump Day !

Anyone else have their weekend countdown on? I know I do!

It seems like the closer we get to summer break the less motivated I am first thing in the a.m.  Our morning went something like this..”Mom, I don’t feel good”.  Me-“Really, what’s wrong? You seem perfectly fine. Ok, you can stay home.”…


Tomorrow I will do better 🙂

So, it’s finally here. Over the last year I have given a lot of thought about what I would post  and how I would go about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t take in to account how tricky the computer part was going to be…I should have been studying.  So for now, I’m still taking baby steps trying to figure it all out (and feeling a little dumb)… So bare with me please 😉

I decided a good starting place would be the shoes I mentioned yesterday in my bio. I mean they are the best thing in my whole entire closet, so why wouldn’t I ?… I can’t go wrong and neither can you 🙂

                                                                 I’m talking about UGG’S. 

I know, I know it’s technically Spring but have you been outside lately? The ONLY good thing about this weather is that I am still wearing these shoes!!

Hello Patsy Bootie

bootie blog

You were thinking I was still wearing my big tall clunky Uggs weren’t you?

Obviously this pair is needing a makeover but I wanted to go ahead and talk about them anyway because they are on sale right now! Love love love a good sale!

When I first saw these I was a little hesitant to buy because of the ankle cutouts . I can’t not wear socks. My feet are always freezing… way could a sock show because that would ruin this whole cute look 😉

bootie 2

TA-DA !   Nothing but warm, comfortable, cozy goodness inside ♥ No socks needed 🙂

bootie 3   bootie 4

Really…How cute are these??!!

So, my plan going forward is to always try and show you my favorites paired with everything else i’m wearing….but since I’m still taking baby steps and getting used to the link this here, tag that there, post this up there stuff (that and i’m in my pjs ) ..maybe a few more days:) I will also add a link to everything I show so you will know exactly where to buy in case you have to have it as much as I did.

Back to this bootie. I have yet to wear these with a dress. Not because it wouldn’t be darling it’s just because I need to go dress shopping 😉 I wear them with skinny jeans or slouchy boyfriend jeans but they can go with any jean (or almost any dress) your heart desires.

For reference my boot color is PRIMER. I chose this color because it goes with anything and everything.

They also come in black (leather) and chestnut (suede)

all booties.

For size reference they are True to Size. I’m almost always a 6 1/2 and these fit perfectly.

UGG® Official | Women’s Patsy Boot | – $125.99. This is where I ordered mine from… HOWEVER I just found this….

UGG® ‘Patsy’ Ankle Boot (Women) | Nordstrom– $120.57 AND as always with Nordstrom FREE shipping and FREE returns.

You can’t go wrong with these shoes. I can literally run in them comfortably ..and by run I mean if a bee is chasing me…(because- I-don’t-run-) . I think I will go ahead and order the black ones since they are on sale and just let them stare at me all summer 😉

Well, somewhat of a short post but just give me about a week to get things going…(seriously this computer part is tough)..I will soon have much more to add 🙂

◊ As always, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message with questions ◊

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday ♥