Did you know?

Did you know?

Happy Wednesday!

Did you know that women look their oldest at 3:30pm on this very day?

The tanning brand St Tropez carried out this study and with several contributing factors came to this conclusion. I’m not making this up. Google it!

So, the next time you are sitting in afternoon car line (on a Wednesday) and looking around thinking about how all those other mamas could use a makeover….just remember, they are thinking the same thing 😉

I told you yesterday that I can’t seem to come up with Valentine’s Day ideas without being selfish. That’s still true. So, we are going to stick with that and make it all about what you need to get yourself (or request for yourself) for Valentine’s Day. Deal?

Speaking of deals.

I came across  THIS  oversized scarf at Gap and I love it! I’m not the only one either. It has all (over 20) 5-star reviews!

It was originally $39.95 now marked down to $9.97. PLUS if you enter the promo code EXTRA in at checkout, shipping is free 🙂 THAT is a beautiful thing.

How about this for a cute Valentine’s Day idea.

I love this idea. You just fill in the blanks and not only is it sweet and personal, but it’s a great keepsake.

You can find it on Amazon for under $7.00. There are so many more fill in the blank journals just like this one. Click on the Amazon link and it will take you right to them.


Thank you so very much for the sweet messages regarding yesterdays post. It’s hard putting personal information out there when we live in an evil, judgmental, freedom to say whatever you want, (I could go on) kind of world. I appreciate the kind words and prayers more than you know.

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Enjoy the rest of your day!

Counting down to Valentine’s Day

Counting down to Valentine’s Day

Happy Tuesday!!

Yesterday was a big day for me!!!!

For those of you that don’t know, I went into surgical menopause at a young age. The doctors words – I went to sleep on the operating table a 31-year-old woman and when I woke up a few hours later, I was 60. I didn’t expect to lose my ovaries during that operation so I wasn’t prepared. How do you even prepare for that though?

It’s been 7 years.

Doctor after doctor.

I still thank God for my health every single day. I know I could have it a lot worse. I’m nothing special here it’s just the hand I have been dealt and I’m dealing the best I can. You never know the impact your hormones have on your livelihood until you can’t seem to balance them. Adding 30+ years on to your body while you are asleep and then waking up still trying to live like you’re 30 is nearly impossible. The fatigue is unreal, the anxiety is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, the hair loss, weight fluctuations, mood swings, no sleep (oh how I miss sleeping), etc….I feel bad for my husband and kids, not for myself.  I’m not the same person I once was and frustration is the best word I can come up with right now.


Yesterday I found hope again.


I’ve never been more optimistic than I am this very moment. 🙏

Come on, you know we all look better with a Snapchat filter.

Enough about me!!


7 more shopping days people. That’s 7 more days if you exclude the actual day of because surely no one other than my husband waits until then?

If I’m being honest I could not care any less about this day.  Sure it can be special and sweet and lovey dovey. And, I would be lying if I said I didn’t expect a gift 😉 BUT, just a small gift. Something that shows effort. I like effort. Effort makes me happy (I’m talking to you LP).  I’m perfectly happy with a homemade card. Is anyone else with me here?

Also for me, save money and skip the roses. Soooo expensive $$

Although, this is a bouquet I would be perfectly happy with.


Be still my heart.

I saw this online and it screams my name. I live for food of this kind 🙂

Old Navy has THESE cute tees that are perfect for anytime, not just Valentine’s Day. The reviews are fantastic and right now they are marked down to $12.00. Enter code SWEET at checkout for 20% more off making them $9.60. I think I will 🙂

I was trying to think outside of the box for Valentine’s Day ideas because (again) I’m boring and I just don’t go crazy on this day.  I am apparently not good at this because I really didn’t get anywhere. So, I’m sticking with things I like.

One of my favorite things in this world…


Anytime you need a gift idea for me you can’t go wrong with a good coffee mug. Did I say for me? My bad, I meant a gift idea for anyone 😉

Target has really cute mugs (because mugs can be cute) for Valentine’s Day for as little as $4.99.

I love THIS set of 2 for $9.99.


I will share more (inexpensive) things I like throughout the week!

Thank you, Thank you to all that responded with ideas for topics! I love them all and will narrow it down and feature one this week! Thanks again !!!!

Also, don’t forget to tune in Friday.  I will be talking about my “Can’t live without cha” item! Be thinking about what your item is so you can share it with us!

I want to add, I know some of you don’t want to post on a public page. You can always share thoughts and ideas with me at honestlycarrie411@gmail.com . If I end up featuring your idea you will remain anonymous!

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I ♥ giveaways!

Share. Comment. Like. Repeat. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your day.

New month + New stuff

New month + New stuff


Oh hey Bella!

Happy Friday !

I’m just going to be honest, I’m a complete moron when it comes to building a web page.  A total and complete


I put in hours of work before I realized the new format wasn’t going to be compatible with all devices. Hours. And Hours. And Hours.  Can I not just hire someone to come sit with me for a few days and get it all figured out? Maybe a cleaning lady that really knows her stuff? 2 for 1? 😉

I want to try a couple of new things with you guys. When I was doing this about a year ago I received a lot of questions about different things from products, to my kids, to my favorite toilet paper (I can provide proof 😉 etc…

I want to start hearing from you all again because we all know how much I loooovveeedd it. Send me your questions and I will feature one in my next post! You can either post your questions on my Facebook page , the comment section of this blog, or email me directly at honestlycarrie411@gmail.com.

 The next thing I want to do is start featuring “That 1 thing I possibly couldn’t do life without” item (because I’m dramatic and those really do exist).  Then I want to hear what your can’t live life without item would be because chances are we all need it too 🙂

So, let’s start today and do this every Friday 👍

We will call it…..


My Slippers!


I know, super boring but they are AMAZING. My feet stay cold so they are the first thing I put on when I get home and the first thing on when I roll out of bed. You will even see me at the mailbox in July when it’s 99 degrees outside with these precious babies on. They have been around awhile and are really worn but they are perfect!!

Women’s UGG Dakota Slipper

On sale $69 (reg $99)

Yes, they are pricey. Stupid pricey, even on sale. Like REALLY stupid pricey.  But I mentioned they were perfect, right?  You can wear them inside or outside which is great. IF I had to give one negative it would be the ties come untied from time to time and for a $69 pair of slippers i’d like the things to at least tie themselves back if they are going to do that. They dont 🙄

 I found these Lugz on Amazon for $15.99. One review says they are cozy but too tight. This is probably true. When you first put them on they feel very snug but it doesnt take long for the fur to calm down. Patience and faith people. Mine are actually slipping a little now. Sad, but true. 😦  Another option, these Minnetonka’s

They are $27.99 on Amazon with 5 star reviews. Caleigh’s slippers are identical to mine only the Minnetonka brand and she loves them 🙂

So…….if you don’t own a pair of cozy slippers please, please  stop being so cruel to yourself. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your evening !!!


Honestly Carrie

Honestly Carrie



Yes Please!

If you or anyone in your household aren’t sick right now, surely you know someone who is.  What is the deal? It’s everywhere! We like to pass things around in my house and right now Caleigh is the lucky one.

Dr’s visit ✅  Antibiotics ✅

At least it’s not the flu.


While I was getting ready this morning I realized I had to tell y’all about something I’ve been using. I have extremely dry skin. Really, really, really, really dry skin. Mine is due to surgical menopause at 30 years old. It’s completely hormonal and there’s really nothing I can do to prevent it. There are days that my face is so dry it burns. With all that said it’s really hard to wear makeup with flaky skin. A few months ago I was watching the Today Show ( Matt 😭 whyyyyy) and they were interviewing a Victoria’s Secret model and asking her how she prepares for the runway. She mentioned a facial spray (among 55 other things) that she carries with her everywhere she goes and uses it all throughout the day for hydration. Obviously I jumped up and started my research. Who doesn’t want the skin of a supermodel? 😉


I absolutely love this stuff. I keep a couple lying around the house and one in my purse. Every time I see that bottle, I spray. This has been a game changer for me. My face will always be somewhat dry unfortunately but this has completely changed the appearance of my skin. When my husband notices, it’s a big deal 😉

I spray this on after I wash my face (but before applying moisturizer) and then I spray again to set my makeup. I probably end up using this 5-10 times a day, everyday. Before I bought this I read dozens of reviews (as if a super models review wasnt enough).  Another one suggested has green tea and cucumber which helps to soothe. This is great for me since mine is on fire half the time.

I found this set on Amazon….


….And I am in love.  For whatever reason I started putting the green tea spray on my makeup brushes before applying foundation and concealer,  and it works! I can’t say enough good things about these 2 little miracles in a bottle.

Amazon has this set for $14. I love you Amazon 😘

 Click HERE and it will take you right to it.


One more thing before I go. If you ever shop Nordstrom Rack or Hautelook (basically the same thing) then you know it’s deals galore on some major designer brands (and if you haven’t please please do). I love Nordstrom but I love love Nordstrom Rack! You are getting everything Nordstrom carries (or carried) at a huge discount. Just log on and enter your email. This used to be the only way you could enter the site. I’m actually not sure if that’s changed since I joined? Anyway, they hold “events” (sales) and will email you each time one starts and what type of event. There was a Frye event one day last week and a Tory Burch event a few days ago. I want to say Spanx is going on right now. Just click events on the sites, there are dozens being held right now. These are typically 12-24 hour events so if you do see something you like don’t leave it in your cart too long !

I received an email for the Terre Mere event on Hautelooks site earlier. I have never used these products. I repeat, I have never used these products 😉 However at 96% off I haaaaaddd to share. It does appear that all their beauty products are 100% organic & vegan.


This 8-piece brush set was $236 (what???) Now- $9.97. Click HERE to check it out.  One drawback is allow 2-4 weeks for shipping .🙄 Booo.


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Enjoy your evening!

I think I will.

I think I will.

To say I have missed connecting with you all would be an understatement.  When I first started blogging it was because I truly had a passion for all things fashion and beauty. That is all still true but after stepping away for a while I know without a doubt, my favorite part was talking with you. I loved starting my mornings with your messages (and coffee).  I loved that you tried some of the things that I loved and you loved them just as much. When you didn’t love them that was ok too because it just meant we connected more by trying to find something that worked for you.

This blog became so much more than clothes or makeup or fake tans. The more I shared about my family, my home, my pets, and everything else it became more personal and that’s where some of the best messages from you guys came from.

I’ve really missed y’all!

So after a lot of thought….


I’m ready to reconnect.

I started typing and deleting, typing and deleting and I’ve decided to leave my rant out of this first post back. I was going to share with you some of the messages I received and why I stepped away for a while but I’m going to spare you.

I’m just happy to be back!

I definitely still plan on sharing good deals and finds with you. Finding something on sale is like Christmas. I love it. Y’all already know I do most of my shopping online (I’m talking to you Nordstrom and Amazon Prime). When I go to buy something I will spend the next 30 minutes searching every other possible site for the best price. It’s a challenge and it’s awesome.

What’s new since I last posted?

I have a high schooler who will also be driving for the first time this weekend for drivers ed. What?? I’m honestly not ready for this. I have a 5th grader that loves Harry Potter and cats, and we welcomed 2 Guinea Pigs in to our family over Christmas (Happy Birthday to Caleigh!) .

Meet Chubs & Boots 🙂


I won’t sign off without sharing one good find. Right now at Old Navy (online) anything CLEARANCE is an additional 20% off after you add it to your cart (no code needed). AND, if you get 5 or more clearance items you can take an additional 10% off using the code MORE.

Click HERE for this cold shoulder top. I have been eyeing this thing for days. Most regular sizes are sold out but plenty left in Tall and Petite. Many color options! Its only $7.98 😉 Browse while you’re there! I bought 9 items for myself and Caleigh last week and even with shipping I only spent $46. Such. A. Good. Deal.

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I hope you have a great evening!

Spring is here so make your eyebrows look good (and shave your legs)!

Spring is here so make your eyebrows look good (and shave your legs)!

Happy Spring 2017 !!!


You know you enjoy winter because you are always in pants and you don’t have to shave every stinking day. Be honest, who’s legs have come close to looking like this??

It is a sunny 65 degrees outside today in NC. Bring it on!! I absolutely love this weather! Caleigh is home sick (and I don’t feel so hot myself) so it’s screen doors and fresh air to hopefully flush out these germs.

We pretty much spent the weekend sleeping, eating, and making Snapchat videos.

I did manage to be productive before I started going downhill. When we bought this house all 3 floors had been completely renovated EXCEPT one room… the kids bathroom. They have been able to enjoy chipping paint and Winnie the Pooh hardware for 7 months 😬.

This is what it looked like right after we moved in.

old bathroom

And now…..

painted bathroom

Ta-Da !!

I have a little more touching up to do, tile grout to scrub, new faucets to install, new lighting, and I need to paint the walls. Other than that i’m almost done 😉

So, it’s all about eyebrows these days right? Honestly, I am not a die hard brow fanatic but I decided to join the rest of you and add that piece to my makeup bag. What do you know, I like it and like making my eyebrows look good. I admit I love the way it changes up my look.

 Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil -$42  Sephora <—link


I know it’s pricey BUT this is going to last you a very long time. I don’t care to make my brows darker than they are suppose to be. I just want to fill them in.  I am naturally a red head but we all know I like bleach. I went with “Blond” (pictured) and its perfect!!

I just wanted to share!

I had a really good response to the Bobbi Brown Tinted Balm I posted over the weekend. I can’t wait to hear how you like it!! If I didn’t answer your questions please send again. While I was writing you all back I accidentally deleted some history. I don’t think I lost anything I had not opened yet. But, if I didn’t write you back please send again!!

That brings me to Facebook. As I was reading some of your questions I was thinking how much everyone could help each other . I’m not even close to an expert, i’m only giving you my opinion and telling you what has worked for me or in some cases what has worked for others and not me. If you are comfortable with asking your questions on Facebook everyone can chime in and it will ultimately help out multiple people! Everyone can offer their opinion and/or personal experience and we could all learn from each other 🙂 If not, send me a message! I will never tire of those!!! ❤️

Click here for Facebook Page <—

Feel free to share your favorite, one and only, can’t live without product. Anything from hair, face, clothes, ect…..  on facebook below todays blog post!

Mine would have to be HANDS DOWN the flat iron !

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!!!!

Sleeping is life

Sleeping is life

Hey guys! Happy Saturday!!  

It’s 10:00 and I’m still in bed. I’m not going to act like this never happens. It also happened yesterday. Judge away. 

For years I would sleep about 4-6 hours a night and go on about my day with a Red Bull in each hand. I got a lot done and was probably more productive than ever. Slowly those things became the devil and we sadly had to part ways. 😢

I’ve always stayed up pretty late. I really enjoy that time when the house is too quiet to be able to clean anything or do laundry. I don’t have anyone asking me to do anything and there isn’t anywhere I need to be (other than bed). It’s always been somewhere between 11:00 and 1:00 in the morning before I would call it a day. 

I’ve tried so many things to naturally help myself get more rest. I’ve been in full blown menopause since the age of 31. That’s obviously a huge part of the problem but I will spare you those details for another day.
Anyway, with lifestyle changes and a protein shake I’ve been on for a while, (and a thermostat always set on 65) I’m a sleeping machine and proud of it! I could easily fall asleep by 9:00 every night. I don’t, but I could 😀

I have a new foundation that I’m absolutely in love with! So much in love that I’m writing you from my iPhone while still in bed because I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisterizing Balm. 

Y’all. . . It’s amazing.

This is the perfect spring to summer coverage. It goes on so smooth and has the most gorgeous natural looking dewy glow. Yesterday I wore it without even putting powder on top. I know, but it’s that perfect!!! 

And a bonus- SPF 25 😍 because who wants cancer or more freckles?

*Light coverage. *Mainly for dry skin

Trust me. Buy it.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!