Loft Sale!

Loft Sale!


Happy Wednesday !!

tomorrow tomorrow

Good luck getting that song out of your head for the next few hours 😜

I will be getting back to the blog tomorrow and i’m really looking forward to reconnecting with you all!

Until then, I wanted to share with you what popped up in my inbox this morning.


That’s right 50 % off  EVERYTHING at Loft right now. The entire store is half off. If you are ordering online be sure to enter promo code JULY4TH at checkout. Yes, I know I need to clean up my emails….   Someday, Someday….

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Wonderful Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and that is a wonderful thing!

It’s the LAST school night for us! Whoop !

 I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to this summer! It’s looking like it’s going to be a good one  😉

We have a winner for one of my FAVORITE products!! Before we get to that I have to share with you a sale I came across today.

This Old Navy Dress is marked down to $18.00 PLUS you get to take an extra 30% off making it $12.60 !!! THAT is a deal!


Cute, right !?

Enter promo code EXTRA for savings.

I want to thank you all so much for the new follows, likes, shares, and tags! This has been a fun week seeing all of my new followers. I have been able to chat with some of you and it’s been great! It’s been such a hectic week for me and you guys totally helped me get through it. Have I mentioned I love hearing from you?

I’m working on some new things to share with you so be looking out for that soon 🙂

 The winner tonight was chosen from anyone who shared my page, tagged friends, liked and/or commented on a post this week, and of course added your email on the blog.

Congratulations Nikki Franklin !


This is now yours!!  🙂

Thank you for following along!

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday !


Hey there Monday

Hey there Monday

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Can I just say that putting a house on the market is better than any gym visit i’ve ever had. I spent the last 2 days painting, pressure washing, scrubbing any and everything, plus a million other things in between. Too bad I can’t eat right or I might have actually done something good for myself 😩

I’m praying this house goes quickly for many reasons….#1 being my sanity 😉 how-to-keep-your-house-clean

As soon as things settle down for me a little bit I will get more posts out to you during the week! I try to sit down every night (weeknight) to send you a new sale or a new favorite but I have had the hardest time clearing my head with all this going on!!!

Excuses, Excuses right? 🙄

Tonight I just wanted to remind ya’ll about the current giveaway!


2 more days to enter to win!! Trust me, you will 💜 it !!

You know the drill……

Do 1 or do them all. The more you do the more chances you have to win!

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I received a few really sweet messages over the weekend! Always feel free to send me your thoughts or questions, or both! I love hearing from you 😊

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


What make’s you happy?

What make’s you happy?

It’s Friday!

And it’s not just any Friday…it’s the last Friday of this school year for my kids. Just a few more days and no more crazy rush rush mornings, no more screaming fights before 8:am, and no more alarm clock!!!


You know what else makes me happy??

Those brown boxes the UPS man brings to my front door.

Today’s delivery is AWESOME!

juice plus.jpg

See !!!! I told you I was going to start trying to be a little more healthy. I think this is a pretty darn good start!

I will update you after I get started and let you know what I think and how it’s working for me 🙂

So let’s just keep this what makes me happy thing going .

Right now i’m getting the house ready to go on the market.  I am working my tail off doing all the things I should have been doing all along like cleaning out closets, scrubbing baseboards, painting…I could go on for another hour. I have zero desire to get all dolled up each day when this is my life right now….I really don’t even want to wash my hair (because you know by now that’s a process).

This powder makes me more than happy!


It works as a dry shampoo (which absorbs oil to make you look like you washed your hair even though you didn’t), and a volumizer. I actually use this on my clean hair the most. Just a little applied to your roots and wah-bam bigger hair 😉 Right now however, it’s being used to make you think I wash my hair everyday when in fact, its been 3 days. That’s right I said it….3 whole days. Trust me i’ve gone 6 so this is no big deal…But before you cringe and gag…I have super dry hair. I technically don’t even have to use this stuff to absorb any oil until 3 or more days. THAT is a blessing.

Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-powder | Sephora $12

Because i’m cleaning so much (without gloves) my already dry hands are pretty much peeling and cracking. If I could be somewhat consistent with keeping them moisturized this wouldn’t be an issue. Consistent and Carrie don’t generally go together. I received this as a sample and really like it. Nothing sticky about it. It goes on light but keeps my hands soft for hours.

 Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream – Josie Maran | Sephora $22


Comes in 5 scents. I may have already told you about it but wanted to share again.

This new eyeliner makes me happy as well. It’s really skinny so it’s perfect on those days when you don’t want to do makeup but you have to put something on your eyes. My lashes are so light it’s scary. I HAVE to put something on them no matter what. This eyeliner gives you a natural look and I love it.


It’s by Maybelline so you can get it pretty much anywhere for $6.99. I chose brown and it’s perfect 🙂

Don’t forget about our giveaway going on right now! I can’t tell you enough how awesome this stuff is!


Make sure you are following the blog by entering your email! For even more chances to win share on facebook and/or Instagram and tag your friends!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday !!!


I love giveaways!

I love giveaways!

Who’s ready for another giveaway?

I love this stuff !!

Tightline by It Cosmetics

They say it’s your eyeliner, primer, and mascara in one. I don’t know about that.

I actually like to use this AFTER I apply my liner and mascara. The wand is really tiny so for me it works by filling in areas that need more volume (which is my lash line). I just press the wand at the base of my lashes and WAH-BAM my lashes double in volume.

Amazing stuff!


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Enjoy the rest of your Thursday !!


Deals and Diets

Deals and Diets

Happy 1st day of June !

It can not possibly be June already? Bring on sum, sum, summa time .

June is also best known for being my birthday month 😉


↑ it’s true ↑

Another thing I start thinking about every June is the pool and the dredded swimsuit.  Cellulite loves me….I can’t return this love.


If i’m being honest, I eat like complete crap…. All day, everyday.

While I was sitting in the carline at school this afternoon I noticed the girl next to me munching on an apple. Why can’t I bring an apple to carline?


Yesterday was nacho cheese Doritos and Mountain Dew.

I’m going to do better. Who’s with me?!

Let’s talk about Macy’s

Honestly, im not a big Macy’s shopper for one reason…clutter. I don’t know why but pretty much every Macy’s shopping experience has involved digging through piles or racks of unorganized clothes and i’m ADD (it’s true) so I just don’t deal with that too well.

With that said, I can shop online at Macy’s all day long 😉

Right now when you purchase 1 pair of shoes you get 25% off, 2nd pair 30% off, and 3rd pair brings your total to 40% off when you enter code GREAT at checkout. NICE !

This cute Michael Kors jelly can be yours for $45. Or, if you want to buy 3 (comes in 4 colors) you can get all 3 for about $105.


Of course this is just an example… they don’t have to be the same brand to get the discount.

I LOVE crossbody purses.

Love Love Love them. So easy and so comfortable.

I pretty much carry one unless i’m somewhat dressed up.  I have been carrying this one for several months and still love it just as much as I did the day I bought it. I can go from insanly huge to tee tiny and it doesn’t phase me. Weird.

Right now at Macy’s –

Vera Bradley Chain Strap Crossbody for only $31.99


Cute isn’t it?

This Michael Kors Kempton bag is only $48.99 ! (multiple colors)


For the Coach lovers this North/South Swingpack is a cute option. Original price $135…on sale for $75.93.


No code needed for the purses.

Have you heard about Brad’s deals?

If you love a good discount (and who doesn’t) then I suggest getting this app or having emails sent to your inbox. They find the best deals of the day on any and everything. Check it out!

Makeup deal!

Sephora has their Ultra Shine Lip Gloss half off (again) ! $7.00


7 really pretty colors to choose from.

Tomorrow I will have your next giveaway so be on the lookout for that. It’s a really good one!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


Heroes & Sugar Lips

Heroes & Sugar Lips


Today we honor those who lost their lives while protecting us. Their bravery and commitment overwhelms me to tears. 

I hope you all have had a great Memorial Day!

Have you heard of MatchCº foundation ?

It’s “Makeup MADE to MATCH you”.

I first heard about this on the Today Show and couldn’t wait to give it a try.

First you have to have an iphone and download the MatchCº app.

Next, you go through a series of steps to determine your color match. This is no joke. You have your camera flash on and basically tap your phone on different areas of your skin until she (the app lady) feels like she has your exact match.

Guess what? It works! My match was PERFECT!

Can we talk about how they put your name on the bottle?


So how does it work? Works just fine!

It has a pump applicator and I would say the coverage is light to medium but if you prefer more coverage it’s easily buildable. The only reason I am not using it right now is because in April I start up the fake tanning and it isn’t my exact match anymore (sadly).

I can’t remember the exact cost but I believe it was around $40.

I’ve been a fan of Origins for quite a while. There are so many things that I have used and love. Tonight i’m just talking about one….as in THE one 😉

Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask | Sephora  $26

My skin is very dry. This can be used twice a week. Just apply at bedtime and let the little miracle happen. I really do love this stuff. I don’t know what else I can say about it.


We all have our regular moisturizers. This is just great to have when you need a boost.

So, because my lips stay so dry i’m always looking for the next greatest invention. For me, I need some good exfoliating action from time to time to start over.

I found Sweet Pops from Clinique – $19.50

I really like this. It’s a 2-in-1 deal.  One side is a sugar scrub and the other is a tinted balm. Now, the sales lady told me you apply the scrub and the lip balm on top of that? I’m sorry, what? I asked her again because I must have heard her wrong. No, you put on the scrub and then put the balm right on top of it. Yeah, that just isn’t right.

I apply the scrub and really give it a good scrub in circular motions and then tissue it off before applying the moisturizer. I can’t imagine walking around with chunks of sugar on my lips. She really did have nice lips though so maybe i’m the crazy one. ?  She also told me it was edible. It does not taste good (yes I tried). I decided i’m not the crazy one (this time).

Anyway, I think this is pretty good stuff. Give it a try!

I will have another giveaway to show you later this week!

Stay tuned !

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


The winner is…

The winner is…

It’s time to give away my favorite mascara!


Thank you all so much for the likes and shares and helping me get new followers on Facebook and Instagram!

You are the best!

♥ Congratulations to SHANNON DANIEL !  ♥

It was a crazy busy week last week (more on that soon) but I will have more blogs for you this week! Promise!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a Happy Memorial Day !!


clutter and comfort

clutter and comfort

Happy Wednesday !

I’ve been busy cleaning out and de-cluttering this week so today it’s all about organization and comfort.

I found a summer shoe that i’m loving enough to share!

This is that throw on for whatever kind of shoe. Super casual and super comfortable!

Ugg Magnolia Flip Flop | Nordstrom $39.95

Comes in 3 colors.

ugg flip flop

They only come in whole sizes so if you’re a half size gal like me, order the next size up.

Remember I mentioned Zella last week?

Gosh I love their stuff.

Comfortable, high quality, and cute!


Yes I went to the mall like this a couple of months ago. No, the shoes (and purse) don’t match. In fact this picture was only taken because my husband had just asked me to meet him for lunch … I was sending him the, “you sure about that?”  text. 😉 Ha!

I love how colorful and fun everything they have is. Part of the pants are black mesh so it just gives them something different.

These “Live In Crop Leggings (which I have and love) are 40% off right now @ Nordstrom! $34.80.

zella pants.jpg

I also have this Balance Wide Leg Yoga pant. $64.

So comfortable and so well made!

zella wide

These run a little on the long side so I had mine taken up a tad…because you know that wouldn’t work too well during all my yoga-ing 😉


I don’t yoga.

I have been a little working machine this week (i’m bragging). Apparently my body just wants to make up for all the time I spent sick on the couch last week, and I like it!

I started cleaning out and organizing closets.

I started with Caleigh’s nightmare…

caleigh closet before

Ta-Da !

Such a good feeling!

Ethan’s …done!


and I even got the catch all looking normal..


How cute is that “Family” picture!? My sister-in-law is genuis and can do anything.

Check out her work by clicking HERE !

Hands down the hardest place for me to stay organized is my bathroom. It’s always been so hard to keep everything neat and functional at the same time….that is until these little gems came into my life!

Acrylic Organizers !


It’s so nice being able to divide your makeup into different drawers and have compartments to sit your brushes in. Now my biggest challenge is making enough room underneath my sink so I can keep my counter clear. Baby steps.

There are so many of these to choose from in so many differnt price ranges. If you aren’t using them trust me it will make your life so much easier! Look up acrylic organizers and find one that works for you 😉

Roo makes cleaning cool 😉

It’s time for another giveaway!

This week it’s my favorite mascara!


Here’s how it can be yours….

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Do 1 or do all ! The more you do the more times you are entered to win!

Thank you all so much for helping getting the blog going. I am having so much fun and can’t wait to give away more and more!

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


Humid Hair-Beware

Humid Hair-Beware

Happy Thursday!

Frizzy hair, don’t DO care !


Is it raining where you live?

It has pretty much rained all week in my part of NC and I am over it.

As far back as I can remember I have straightened my hair. I don’t just have ‘a little bit wavy’ hair that gets frizzy from time to time….No, I have curly (really curly) hair. Do you know how I know that it’s really curly? Because for about 20 years I have used a flatiron on it almost everyday and not one single curl has gone away. You would think they would get the hint by now, right?

hair pic 2.jpg

↑  Now do you believe me?  ↑

So let’s talk about my favorite hair products to tame this fro !

And if you already have naturally amazing silky straight hair…. then ….well,  I couldn’t be more thrilled (and jealous) for you. It’s true.

Oh you need more proof?

hair pic 1

This photo on the left (taken about 3 1/2 years ago) is what happens when I blow dry my hair using a paddle brush to straighten it. Does that really work? Obviously not.

I will list my favorite products.  I don’t use everyone of these everyday because we all know by now I can’t stick with the same thing for very long. So I switch it up. However, if I list it it’s because i’m either using it now or always come back around to using it again.

Bumble and Bumble- Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil | Sephora  $21


I love this because I have dry hair. This really helps to smooth it out and tames my fly-a-ways.

Ghost Oil- Verb | Sephora  $18


I’m using this one right now. I put it on damp hair and then add a little more after I flatiron to keep everything smooth. I love this because it’s weightless and won’t make your hair greasy.  If you like greasy hair this is probably not for you 😉

Did you know that curly hair shampoos and conditioners arent just for curly hair? I mean, yes I have curly hair so it would make sense but I don’t wear my hair curly and this stuff is still amazing. Basically all it does it really really condition your hair….which in turn makes for a smoother blow dry and easier flat iron process.

Aveda Be Curly™

I can’t say enough about how much I love this stuff. The Cowash shampoo barely lathers which means it’s not stripping all the oils out of your hair. More oil and moisture = less frizz.  The Intensive Detangling Masque is awesome. I don’t know what else to say about it. I spent half of my life using straightening shampoos and conditioners when all I really needed was moisture.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch up Cream | Target  $5.39


I have used this one the longest. I love it. It’s the last thing I put on my hair before I walk out the door. It’s a lightweight cream that wont weigh your hair down. It tames it all and protects against humidity throughout the day. If I forget to use it, I notice. It’s the best! The price is great and you can find it almost anywhere.

Because I torch and burn my hair daily I had to invest in a good blow dryer and flatiron. Honestly, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have any hair left to be talking about right now. I have used so many different kinds and brands that it’s stupid. With that said, I have a pretty good idea about what’s amazing and what’s not (for me at least) 😉

I used a Chi flatiron for years. Finally, I realized I needed something to be able to control the temperature. The Chi temperature is 392 degrees. My hair tolerates no more than 360 degrees (too bad it took me 7 years to learn this). I researched and researched. I have really nappy hair so not just any flatiron is going to do. 😉

Bio Ionic ONEPASS 1″ Straightening Iron | Sephora $225


Hands down best thing that has ever happened to me (referring only to hair of course). Pricey, yes. Worth it, yes 10 times over! The plates have a blue conditioning strip that literally conditions your hair while you burn it (kind of being sarcastic, but not really) . It’s incredible. It really is 😉

Same thing applys for my hair dryer. It’s gotta be good and not harmful to my hair.

Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer | Sephora $330

I know the price is stupid, it really is…but for someone that has to really heat their hair up a lot everyday, it’s worth it. I will have it forever. …except I am counting down to the Dyson hairdryer release…but I will still have it forever !!


Thank you again so much for all the sweet get well wishes. Honestly, you all make my day. I love love love  hearing from you!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!