Deals and Diets

Deals and Diets

Happy 1st day of June !

It can not possibly be June already? Bring on sum, sum, summa time .

June is also best known for being my birthday month 😉


↑ it’s true ↑

Another thing I start thinking about every June is the pool and the dredded swimsuit.  Cellulite loves me….I can’t return this love.


If i’m being honest, I eat like complete crap…. All day, everyday.

While I was sitting in the carline at school this afternoon I noticed the girl next to me munching on an apple. Why can’t I bring an apple to carline?


Yesterday was nacho cheese Doritos and Mountain Dew.

I’m going to do better. Who’s with me?!

Let’s talk about Macy’s

Honestly, im not a big Macy’s shopper for one reason…clutter. I don’t know why but pretty much every Macy’s shopping experience has involved digging through piles or racks of unorganized clothes and i’m ADD (it’s true) so I just don’t deal with that too well.

With that said, I can shop online at Macy’s all day long 😉

Right now when you purchase 1 pair of shoes you get 25% off, 2nd pair 30% off, and 3rd pair brings your total to 40% off when you enter code GREAT at checkout. NICE !

This cute Michael Kors jelly can be yours for $45. Or, if you want to buy 3 (comes in 4 colors) you can get all 3 for about $105.


Of course this is just an example… they don’t have to be the same brand to get the discount.

I LOVE crossbody purses.

Love Love Love them. So easy and so comfortable.

I pretty much carry one unless i’m somewhat dressed up.  I have been carrying this one for several months and still love it just as much as I did the day I bought it. I can go from insanly huge to tee tiny and it doesn’t phase me. Weird.

Right now at Macy’s –

Vera Bradley Chain Strap Crossbody for only $31.99


Cute isn’t it?

This Michael Kors Kempton bag is only $48.99 ! (multiple colors)


For the Coach lovers this North/South Swingpack is a cute option. Original price $135…on sale for $75.93.


No code needed for the purses.

Have you heard about Brad’s deals?

If you love a good discount (and who doesn’t) then I suggest getting this app or having emails sent to your inbox. They find the best deals of the day on any and everything. Check it out!

Makeup deal!

Sephora has their Ultra Shine Lip Gloss half off (again) ! $7.00


7 really pretty colors to choose from.

Tomorrow I will have your next giveaway so be on the lookout for that. It’s a really good one!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


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