Feeling the Love

Feeling the Love

Happy ❤ Day!

I woke up a little bit earlier than usual this morning so I could get everyone’s gifts together.


It’s crazy but……part of what you see was already there!! There’s that effort that makes my heart happy. 🙂


He knows me well  ♥ Thanks LP

Question. Why do we (or is it just me) feel obligated to purchase the same thing (junk) every single year?  I do not love my kids more today than I will tomorrow. Or do I? I don’t know. I guess I will let you know how tomorrow goes.  In all seriousness, It’s the same box with raspberry (gross) chocolates when you thought you were getting caramel, the same bears they’ve marked up 50%, and the bags that end up costing more than what’s inside. Is it not a racket or am I all by myself here?

Next year, I’m buying a cookie cake and telling everyone how much I love them.

I would love to get your opinion.

Obviously (I know for the bazillionth time) I’m still trying to figure this blog life out. I originally planned on (and am currently) posting at 6:00pm EST.

How does this work for you?

Would you rather it pop up in the morning? If so, how early?

Several of the blogs I follow post early in the morning and I enjoy waking up to those emails.

Can we take a quick poll?

Thank you!!


Last night I was reading over a couple of your messages which led me to thinking about how awesome and supportive you all have been.

So, I want to say thank you. And how else can I thank you other than a giveaway?

You know the products I was bragging on the other night that I received from Sephora? I want to give one of the sets to one of you. Y’all truly make my day, everyday ❤

First Aid Beauty has always been good to my skin. I struggle to find things that don’t turn me red and dry me out. This 4-piece mini set is great!


It includes:

Pure Skin Face Cleanser

Facial Radiance Pads

5 in 1 Bouncy Mask

Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream

Here’s how it can be yours!!

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  4. When todays post goes on Facebook SHARE with your friends ← my favorite 😉
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Pick one or pick them all. The more you do the more your name will be entered to win this awesome skin care set!!

I’m going to post early today because I’m anxiously awaiting your feedback on blog times!

Giveaway winner will be announced Monday 2/19!!!!

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Enjoy the rest of your day






Hey Tuesday, Heeyyyyyy

My brain is full of things to talk about today. I will try to spare you, and break it up over this week.

**Hang on to the end because I have some important following info for my social media friends!!!

If you have been following a while you know how much I love to shop and try new things. You also know I like to post a good deal but what you may not know is just how hard I search for deals of my very own. The thrill of a bargain is like me at 5 on Christmas morning.

 Example: I needed new mascara.

  *In case you missed my post last year on my favorite mascara (yes, still loving the same one) you can find it HERE

My mascara is $23. I’m always going to shop around.

I go from site to site pricing, then I start a coupon code search. This time, not much luck.

I hopped on Sephora’s site and realized I had over 1000 accumulated points to cash in for “stuff”. This was fun. I was adding one thing after another to my basket. Sephora always has “Spend this and get that” promotions which can be fun if they have fun things to choose from. Of course, it was spend $25 when what I needed was $23 so I had to search for something cheap because I REALLY wanted to try this hair mask they were offering.

I may be bragging but……


There’s my faithful mascara. The little hot pink box is a face mask I added for $4 to up my price so I could get the purple tube of hair mask. The rest is cashed in points or free samples they are always offering !! I’m most excited to try the Laura Mercier primer. I already use the tinted moisturizer and I know it doesn’t bother my sensitive skin. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about primers with shimmer (which this one has). I’ve never thought I would be a fan but after reading reviews I’m open and looking forward to seeing what it does. I will report back 🙂

But hello…….!!!!!!!.


I still struggle with not finding a free shipping code 👎

I get it, “technically” this isn’t a steal because I had to spend money to have those points to begin with.

 For me, it’s a win.

I talked about having a day of the week for your topics.  Thank you so much for sending those to me. It was a lot of fun going through them and I narrowed it down this week to the popular vote.


We’ll call this #TopicTuesday.

The most requested topic was “What are my favorite TV shows right now”? This is an easy one for me but I’m not sure how well it will go over because I only watch complete trash (minus the Olympics ❤️). If you follow on social media or if you want to comment below this is a great topic for everyone to share so we can all add another one to our list. Because we all have nothing but time, right?

I am currently watching:

Celebrity Big Brother– I am the biggest BB fan. I am so obsessed with this show I even record the hours and hours of what goes on overnight in the house. I wasnt sure how I would feel about a celebrity version, but it’s really good, except the Omarosa part (insert cringe face emoji here).

The Bachelor– I wont miss a season of these people fighting for the attention of one person. Never. Ever.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills– I just want to be Kyle.

The Challenge Vendettas on MTV– For years I watched The Real World and Road Rules. Now I watch The Challenge. Two words – Johnny Bananas.

Teen Mom OG– Dont judge.

Live PD–  I missed my calling.

Dateline– This one is my favorite. No contest.

Our dvr stays full because I rarely catch anything when it airs. But yes, I watch every single one of these. All reality. All trash. All good.

I know what you’re all thinking. Where is This Is Us!?!?!?!? I watched the first season. It’s amazing. I’m sure I will eventually catch back up. Maybe? No doubt I’m going to get hate mail over this (BRING IT) but, I got tired of crying. Every. Single. Episode. And stop leaving me hanging. Maybe that’s the brat in me but I need to know. I can’t wait and be pushed just to the tip of the ledge. I need to know. Now.

So, we parted ways.

Ok guys this is important! If you follow me on Facebook I’m talking to you. If you don’t, why not? 😉

I’m asking a favor.

The “Community” page for Honestly Carrie on Facebook is really cool. It tracks all activity and lets me know how the site is doing. I know how much traffic comes through and which posts do better than others etc. Keep in mind I don’t know exactly who visited the page, just when 😉 One part that I particularly like is that it shows me how many people are reached with each post. This just means it popped up in your feed when you logged on. I’ve noticed from time to time that the totals do not make sense and I have my theories but I will let you come to your own conclusions.;)  You see, Facebook is constantly wanting me to “Boost” my page. This will make sure my page reaches a larger audience than just the people who have liked/followed. This cost money. I’m not ready to do that just yet.

The favor → Would you mind clicking on “following” (for those of you that are) and select ‘See First’ from the Facebook page?  When you log on this just means if I have posted something it will pop up first vs the order it came in like everything else. This will for one help me learn more about how many people I’m (for sure) reaching and also you won’t ever miss a post!

Thank you for reaching out and asking about Bella!! Y’all are so awesome. She is still doing great 🙂 Crazy dog.

Keep sending topics for Tuesdays !!

As always–comment, like, share, subscribe!

Enjoy the rest of your day




Deals and Diets

Deals and Diets

Happy 1st day of June !

It can not possibly be June already? Bring on sum, sum, summa time .

June is also best known for being my birthday month 😉


↑ it’s true ↑

Another thing I start thinking about every June is the pool and the dredded swimsuit.  Cellulite loves me….I can’t return this love.


If i’m being honest, I eat like complete crap…. All day, everyday.

While I was sitting in the carline at school this afternoon I noticed the girl next to me munching on an apple. Why can’t I bring an apple to carline?


Yesterday was nacho cheese Doritos and Mountain Dew.

I’m going to do better. Who’s with me?!

Let’s talk about Macy’s

Honestly, im not a big Macy’s shopper for one reason…clutter. I don’t know why but pretty much every Macy’s shopping experience has involved digging through piles or racks of unorganized clothes and i’m ADD (it’s true) so I just don’t deal with that too well.

With that said, I can shop online at Macy’s all day long 😉

Right now when you purchase 1 pair of shoes you get 25% off, 2nd pair 30% off, and 3rd pair brings your total to 40% off when you enter code GREAT at checkout. NICE !

This cute Michael Kors jelly can be yours for $45. Or, if you want to buy 3 (comes in 4 colors) you can get all 3 for about $105.


Of course this is just an example… they don’t have to be the same brand to get the discount.

I LOVE crossbody purses.

Love Love Love them. So easy and so comfortable.

I pretty much carry one unless i’m somewhat dressed up.  I have been carrying this one for several months and still love it just as much as I did the day I bought it. I can go from insanly huge to tee tiny and it doesn’t phase me. Weird.

Right now at Macy’s –

Vera Bradley Chain Strap Crossbody for only $31.99


Cute isn’t it?

This Michael Kors Kempton bag is only $48.99 ! (multiple colors)


For the Coach lovers this North/South Swingpack is a cute option. Original price $135…on sale for $75.93.


No code needed for the purses.

Have you heard about Brad’s deals?

If you love a good discount (and who doesn’t) then I suggest getting this app or having emails sent to your inbox. They find the best deals of the day on any and everything. Check it out!

Makeup deal!

Sephora has their Ultra Shine Lip Gloss half off (again) ! $7.00


7 really pretty colors to choose from.

Tomorrow I will have your next giveaway so be on the lookout for that. It’s a really good one!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


Heroes & Sugar Lips

Heroes & Sugar Lips


Today we honor those who lost their lives while protecting us. Their bravery and commitment overwhelms me to tears. 

I hope you all have had a great Memorial Day!

Have you heard of MatchCº foundation ?

It’s “Makeup MADE to MATCH you”.

I first heard about this on the Today Show and couldn’t wait to give it a try.

First you have to have an iphone and download the MatchCº app.

Next, you go through a series of steps to determine your color match. This is no joke. You have your camera flash on and basically tap your phone on different areas of your skin until she (the app lady) feels like she has your exact match.

Guess what? It works! My match was PERFECT!

Can we talk about how they put your name on the bottle?


So how does it work? Works just fine!

It has a pump applicator and I would say the coverage is light to medium but if you prefer more coverage it’s easily buildable. The only reason I am not using it right now is because in April I start up the fake tanning and it isn’t my exact match anymore (sadly).

I can’t remember the exact cost but I believe it was around $40.

I’ve been a fan of Origins for quite a while. There are so many things that I have used and love. Tonight i’m just talking about one….as in THE one 😉

Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask | Sephora  $26

My skin is very dry. This can be used twice a week. Just apply at bedtime and let the little miracle happen. I really do love this stuff. I don’t know what else I can say about it.


We all have our regular moisturizers. This is just great to have when you need a boost.

So, because my lips stay so dry i’m always looking for the next greatest invention. For me, I need some good exfoliating action from time to time to start over.

I found Sweet Pops from Clinique – $19.50

I really like this. It’s a 2-in-1 deal.  One side is a sugar scrub and the other is a tinted balm. Now, the sales lady told me you apply the scrub and the lip balm on top of that? I’m sorry, what? I asked her again because I must have heard her wrong. No, you put on the scrub and then put the balm right on top of it. Yeah, that just isn’t right.

I apply the scrub and really give it a good scrub in circular motions and then tissue it off before applying the moisturizer. I can’t imagine walking around with chunks of sugar on my lips. She really did have nice lips though so maybe i’m the crazy one. ?  She also told me it was edible. It does not taste good (yes I tried). I decided i’m not the crazy one (this time).

Anyway, I think this is pretty good stuff. Give it a try!

I will have another giveaway to show you later this week!

Stay tuned !

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!