clutter and comfort

clutter and comfort

Happy Wednesday !

I’ve been busy cleaning out and de-cluttering this week so today it’s all about organization and comfort.

I found a summer shoe that i’m loving enough to share!

This is that throw on for whatever kind of shoe. Super casual and super comfortable!

Ugg Magnolia Flip Flop | Nordstrom $39.95

Comes in 3 colors.

ugg flip flop

They only come in whole sizes so if you’re a half size gal like me, order the next size up.

Remember I mentioned Zella last week?

Gosh I love their stuff.

Comfortable, high quality, and cute!


Yes I went to the mall like this a couple of months ago. No, the shoes (and purse) don’t match. In fact this picture was only taken because my husband had just asked me to meet him for lunch … I was sending him the, “you sure about that?”  text. 😉 Ha!

I love how colorful and fun everything they have is. Part of the pants are black mesh so it just gives them something different.

These “Live In Crop Leggings (which I have and love) are 40% off right now @ Nordstrom! $34.80.

zella pants.jpg

I also have this Balance Wide Leg Yoga pant. $64.

So comfortable and so well made!

zella wide

These run a little on the long side so I had mine taken up a tad…because you know that wouldn’t work too well during all my yoga-ing 😉


I don’t yoga.

I have been a little working machine this week (i’m bragging). Apparently my body just wants to make up for all the time I spent sick on the couch last week, and I like it!

I started cleaning out and organizing closets.

I started with Caleigh’s nightmare…

caleigh closet before

Ta-Da !

Such a good feeling!

Ethan’s …done!


and I even got the catch all looking normal..


How cute is that “Family” picture!? My sister-in-law is genuis and can do anything.

Check out her work by clicking HERE !

Hands down the hardest place for me to stay organized is my bathroom. It’s always been so hard to keep everything neat and functional at the same time….that is until these little gems came into my life!

Acrylic Organizers !


It’s so nice being able to divide your makeup into different drawers and have compartments to sit your brushes in. Now my biggest challenge is making enough room underneath my sink so I can keep my counter clear. Baby steps.

There are so many of these to choose from in so many differnt price ranges. If you aren’t using them trust me it will make your life so much easier! Look up acrylic organizers and find one that works for you 😉

Roo makes cleaning cool 😉

It’s time for another giveaway!

This week it’s my favorite mascara!


Here’s how it can be yours….

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Do 1 or do all ! The more you do the more times you are entered to win!

Thank you all so much for helping getting the blog going. I am having so much fun and can’t wait to give away more and more!

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


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