my June & my new cute dress

my June & my new cute dress

Happy Thursday !!

I sure have missed ya’ll.

The only way I know how to describe this month is roller coaster.


Looks something like that.

The kids are out for summer break and I have all of a sudden managed to become mom of the year overnight. If I would let them, they would wear headphones and stare at their ipads all day. Guess what? I’ve let that happen…i’ve even let that happen for more than one day…exactly how many days i’m going to keep to myself 😁  Judge away.

So most of you know our house is on the market. Good times. 🙄 I will say this…I am getting really good at keeping a clean and tidy house . My kids are finally picking up on a few good habits too. When they wake up, they make their beds. YES, i’m serious! When they get something out, they put it back. YES, i’m serious! I don’t even have to tell them to! It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! So forget the yelling, punishing, even bribing way of trying to teach your kids some good life lessons…just list your house. 😜

Some other things we did this month….

  • We had more than one irrigation leak in the front yard = Soggy mess.
  • We  took a quick road trip (quick as in the amount of time we stayed, not the drive) to close on our house. Hallelujah !! We no longer own a house in Alabama! THAT is a beautiful feeling.
  • We are in the process of purchasing a new home. Had I known the amount of back and forth we would have to do with the lender I would have just invited him to move in for a little while. It’s exhausting. Maybe that way instead of exchanging 1,807 emails and phone calls we could have just knocked it all out in a day or 2 😉  You live and learn. Joking aside, we are excited and very grateful for our new beginning.
  • My mom flew in and spent a week with us. So good for my soul.
  • I turned 37. My husband was out of town and family had gone home so I spent this day with my kids. We shopped, ate lots of unhealthy food, and saw Finding Dory. After that we stayed up late gorging on a giant cookie cake (after we added peanut butter AND Nutella on top of the already there icing).
  • Then there’s been a little packing, boxing, and a gazillion trips to the thrift store drop box.

June has also been full of other highs and lows not only for myself, but my family too. When something happens that you just don’t understand or that you never would have imagined could happen, it consumes your brain…or at least that’s what happened to me. I sat down a handful of times to work on my blog and I just couldn’t clear my head enough to put anything together for you. I even considered stopping it all together.

Last week I met up with a friend that I don’t get to see nearly enough. We only had a short visit but later that night that visit made me realize that I have to get back to doing this. About a year ago my favorite blogger decided to stop writing. She posted about once a week and I always looked forward to it and probably got a little too excited when I would discover something new. That’s the reason I decided to start sharing with you all. I’m not a writer. There are countless errors no doubt. Look, if it wasn’t lunch when I was in school, then I just wasn’t interested. Anyway, my point is I wanted you guys to possibly find something new that you didn’t know was out there or that maybe you had been considering trying …and then be able to enjoy it the way I have. The day I saw my friend she was wearing my favorite flats….and even better, she said she had bought more than one pair 😉  That got me thinking about others that have also found something they love from my blog. I came home and reread some of the messages you guys have sent me while I was taking a break. Ya’ll know I LOVE getting your thoughts and questions, right?. LOVE it.

So yeah, breaks over.

This month will be crazy busy for me so I won’t be able to blog everyday…probably not even every other day some weeks…but no doubt I will get a few out a week. I’ve got several new exciting things to share with you and I know you will love them!

Since you just suffered through a lot of words about my month then I won’t leave you without one good find 😉 It’s the least I can do.😉 I bought this dress last week from Nordstrom. I actually went for something else and just happened to spot this and try it on and what do you know, I love it ♥ That happens a lot.

I’m sharing because it’s on sale!


Socialite High Neck Dress – Nordstrom  $20.40

There are several colors to choose from and some with stripes. The navy blue is what’s on sale. I don’t know about the others but i’m able to wear this without anything under it (yes I wear undies! I’m referring to a slip)  …but it isn’t lined. It’s really light, flowy (forgiving), and has pockets! I wore mine casual with flat sandals. The arm holes are a tad big on me but it still works. Runs large so you will want to size down one size.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!!


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