You can never be too busy for a good sale!

You can never be too busy for a good sale!

Hey hey! Remember the posting issues I was telling you about a while back? Turns out it wasn’t my fault at all. I know I’m seriously lacking in the smarts department when it comes to technology…but this time I was doing it right! πŸ˜€ I will admit I started it by trying to swap from one blog host to another….but….we won’t count that.

I’m going to assume my post about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale never made it to any of you. I will also assume my long spill about moving and traveling never showed up either ☹️

So yes, Nordstom Anniversary sale is going on now! There is not enough room or time for me to lay out all the amazing deals! Grab a glass of wine or your sleepy time tea tonight and sip away while you browse the site. Trust me, it’s awesome!!!!

I’ve been traveling quite a bit and now I’m finally back home and have 7 days to pack up my entire house before we move. I don’t know how to do anything unless it’s last minute. So far, I haven’t started doubting myself….yet. Good vibes and prayers always appreciated πŸ˜‰ I think I can, I think I can …..

I can not wait to settle down and get back to sharing my life and finds with you all. I still love reading your messages. Thank you for sending those!

I will be tied up a little longer with this move but if there is a good deal you can’t live without I will certainly share with you! Be sure you are following me on Facebook. It’s faster (and definitely easier) to share something with you there.

Let me know what you find at Nordstrom!!

Enjoy your weekend!!


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