Quality time & Design

Quality time & Design


Tomorrow is Friday!! Tomorrow is Friday!! (aka the night I hang with Jason Aldean)

We had some pretty nasty storms last night that kept me up super late so I have been  worthless today. I did managed to catch up on Real Housewives of Orange County and Dancing with the Stars so I guess not completely worthless?  I’m still able to do the important things like pick flowers and prepare a nutritious meal for my family.


They will have to get their own drinks and plates because you gotta draw the line somewhere 😉.

While I was wondering around my house today pretending to do things I started wondering if everyone else has a spouse and kids like mine or if my crew is just in a league of their own. I feel like I never can have a 100% completely clean, all picked up (laundry done and all) house. I honestly start my day (everyday) picking up the same crap I know for a fact I picked up the day before.

I generally go around grabbing and then put it all at the bottom of the stairs (because I love them but I will not take it to their rooms for them). This way, the next time they head up they will have to trip over it to get to their rooms.  Looks like mine just slide it over and keep going. …..


I’m either not yelling loud enough or not taking away phones as often as I should. 🙄

I’m sitting here right now in a family room that has the sectional sofa pulled apart in 3 different pieces, a rug that belongs in the office,  and a chest sitting out in the middle of the room screaming, “find a freaking place for me already”! Trust me I hear it loud and clear! The problem is I had the office rug right where it was suppose to be (in the office) and I have a great rug in my family room. But, as I always do……I started wondering if a lighter color rug would look better. So I start tearing rooms apart to figure it out. It never works and I never do anything other than create more work for myself.

So, instead of bringing more rugs to my bedroom (where I desperately need a rug) I took a picture and now I need your help.


 I have not painted yet. I was thinking a very light gray for the walls. We have a black bed, a black chest, 2 mirrored nightstands, and a really big silver floor mirror. I cant decide on rug color to save my life. HELP! The room is large so I am planning on putting a full sofa on one wall with a coffee table, and a chair (maybe 2) on the wall with the floor mirror. Trying to figure out what color furniture to go with is hard enough but then adding the color of the rug…..STUCK. Send me your thoughts! Please 🙂

Honestly, I wish the bedrooms had carpet. 😬

I started something new with my husband this week and I wanted to share. Our old morning routine was basically me up first, get the kids up for school, walk back in the bedroom and tell him to get up 15 more times (at least) and then leave to take the kids to school. When I got back home he would be walking out the door. When we were looking at buying this house one of the things we loved was the balcony off of our bedroom. We talked about having coffee there together every morning. We have been in this house for 2 months (2 months today actually Happy Anniversary!) so it’s time 😉. I still get up first (because unfortunately some things you just can’t change) and I make our coffee. The best part is he rolls right out of bed. I don’t have to tell him twice! We only have about 10 minutes with our coffee (and the deer that we love to watch) until the kids come out either telling on the other or just wanting to hang with us, but that’s ok because it’s 10 more minutes than we’ve ever had. I will admit the first morning was great and we even probably had closer to 15 minutes, the second morning was great as well. The third morning we both brought our phones out (even though we said we would not do that) and this morning i’m not sure if we even spoke (I stayed up too late remember??). BUT, it’s a great way to start our day regardless and every little bit of time is time we need together.


Life is good.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!!

XOXO  Carrie


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