I’m over it :) 

I’m over it :) 

Hey guys!!


I know, its been a while!! I’m just going to dive right in and be completely honest with you. I got my feelings hurt. I knew that we lived in a cruel world and I knew putting myself out there I was going to be taking that chance, but I thought I could handle it. My favorite part of the blog world was connecting with people. I loved and lived for your comments and messages. I loved waking up everyday to someone asking me a question or hearing that you tried something that I shared and it worked for you. Loved it! The more you shared the more followers I received. That’s a good thing. The more people I could connect with, the more exciting it was for me. Unfortunately, people take this whole freedom to say whatever I want world we live in to a level I don’t understand. People feel like it’s ok to judge and/or say hurtful things when really nobody asked. Why is that? If you post something on Facebook that I think is hideous, I am not going to tell you. Why would I? If you like it that’s all that matters. Did you post a picture of you and your husband and caption it with, “Tell me if you like this shirt or not?” No, you didn’t. Therefore, it’s not my place to tell you that you could do better 😉 If you have a lot of freckles who am I to have a problem with that?  Well, apparently some people do. God gave me lots and lots of them and there isn’t anything I can do about it, right? So telling me I would be pretty IF I didn’t have so many is one of those things that you are more than welcome to keep to yourself. Told you I was going to dive right in 😉 So you get the picture… I got my feelings hurt. I was going through several rough patches at the time this started. I was buying a new house and going through the packing up process, I didn’t have one of my best friends in the whole wide world to vent to, and I was having some health issues. It was just bad timing so I took it pretty hard. That wasn’t the only thing said. I found myself blocking a few people a week. Yes, I’m serious!! Look, I loved getting the feedback. I loved just hearing hello. But, when someone sends me a message telling me I must suck at being a parent to my kids because I’m so consumed with buying clothes or fixing my hair, it hurts. Even though I know thats ridiculous and not true, it still made me sick to my stomach.


I did what I do best and questioned what I was doing and why a million times. I eventually just stopped and felt at peace. We moved, the kids started a new school, and things started feeling a lot better. The problem is, I loved having the blog and being able to connect with you all. I genuinely liked it! So I missed it. I’ve thought about starting it back up a dozen times but just let it fizzle out. Until now.


I want to reconnect. I don’t really have a plan. I don’t know how I want to do this or what I want to talk about, I just know that I want to start talking to you all (well most of you all) again. I have prayed enough now to know that I can take it. I know that people have all kinds of things going on in their lives and for some unfortunately they feel better when they can bring others down. To those people, I am praying for you. I am praying for you every single day, multiple times a day. The only way you can hurt me is by making me feel sorry for you and the sad, lonely, life you must be living.

The moral of the story is be nice. Just be nice. Be nice. BE NICE !


Have a great Friday!!!!

6 thoughts on “I’m over it :) 

  1. I am so sorry that you were treated with such rudeness and negativity!!! I am so excited that you are back on the blog!!! I have missed it… we went to high school together for 4 years and I never knew you. (I was shy) Since reading your blog, I realize that I wish I had known you! You seem like such a fun, positive person… ignore the bad, keep bring the good 🙂

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  2. Carrie that person obviously has no idea about you and what kind of person you are. I have been fortunate enough to have you for my bff since 1992! I love you to pieces and miss you so much! I am glad you have decided to blog again, I can’t wait to read it! Hugs to you friend!!

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  3. Wish we lived in a perfect world, where all people were nice. Unfortunately, we live in a cruel world, with cruel people. Just be true to yourself, and you’re got this. People love what you blog about, others just wish they had your talent. Blogging and putting your heart and thoughts for all to read is scary but you have to weigh the good against the bad and you have and will help more people than you think. I’m proud of you!

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