Getting a new dog is like giving birth and bringing home a toddler.

Getting a new dog is like giving birth and bringing home a toddler.

Happy Tuesday !!

I finally gave in to all of the nagging and begging and fussing about getting a dog. I stood firm for a while and was so proud of myself. I entertained all the trips to the shelter and even brought Roo (our mini Schnauzer) for one of the visits to see how she took to other dogs. Honestly guys, I wasn’t getting a dog. 2 cats, 1 dog, 24 acres, messy kids, and messier husband….Not Happening!!

So, we have a new dog.


Her name is Bella.

Per my husbands request we spent an entire Saturday dog hunting. Shelter to shelter. On the very last stop we spotted her. That color, those eyes, that face…

She was surrounded by cages of barking dogs and she just sat there quietly wagging her crooked tail. At other shelters we were able to take the dogs out in the play yard to get to know them better. This place you could only go in their room (small room) with them. Whatever. I caved.

I have had a close to perfect dog for the last 5 years. She runs away and wont walk right on a leash to save her life….but other than that, angel.

Bella, well……..we are having to learn how to train a dog. She chews everything. Roo never chewed.  Roo never used a crate. Bella is in a crate. Roo will hold her pee and poo all day. Bella pees AND poos every 30 minutes!!!!! We just came in from about a 1/2 mile walk. Not 10 minutes inside and she pees. Somebody help me and help me fast!!!!! So there’s that, the part where she acts like she wants to eat the cats, and she’s on 2 pills a day for sneezing like crazy allergies🙄 . We will get it figured out. Right?

This guy will be 14 next week !!! I don’t know if there is anyone on this earth with a bigger heart than his. I have no idea what I did to deserve such a blessing. Even when he hooks himself so bad fishing that he ends up in the hospital because NONE of us could get it out, he’s still being sweet and respectful.


I’m going to hold on tight to this last year without him behind the wheel.

Thank you for all the hilarious couch feedback. I laughed so hard at your pictures!!! Although I didn’t get a single real couch recommendation the fact that you took the time placing your family in awkward uncomfortable positions on your old hard couches to snap me a pic trumped it all 🙂 SO SO funny!!! I feel your uncomfortable pain 😉.

Did you watch the 3 hour bachelor last night? I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of Corinne’s from the very beginning. She started to grow on me about halfway through and now i’m #teamcorinne for life. Like can I get her number and get her to take me shopping too? So who is Nick picking? You know I have already read the spoilers because I don’t know how to handle a surprise. If you don’t know who he picks share your guess with us!!

I haven’t posted a new product in a while. Remember, I never fix up anymore 😉 So, I decided to share this one with you today. I am far from a contouring expert. I don’t even technically contour. I dab a little here and a little there…but I love this stuff!s1615186-main-Lhero

Its Anastasia Beverly Hills $40 at Sephora  ← click for link. I use this one in light-medium. It comes in 3 shades. I love using the top right color to highlight. Make sure to grab a few different size contouring brushes!!!

Enjoy your Tuesday!!

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