Adorable Creatures

Adorable Creatures

It’s Tuesday and I can’t believe we only have one more week left in this month. Literally flown by!!!

I’ve spent the majority of my day posting items on Ebay. Do any of you sell on Ebay? If so, does it take you forever? I feel like it takes me so long to create a single listing. Regardless, I love doing it. After I post an item and start seeing how many views it has I want to start finding other things to list.  Now, hours later I have about 8 things listed. I promise before the day is up there will be more 🙂

Part of my sudden urge to make a little money comes from the guilt I have from our most recent vet bill. When we moved into the new house my husband suggested getting a couple of outdoor cats to take care of any pests issues we might come across. We have acreage so plenty of room for them to roam. I had cats growing up but wouldn’t really consider myself a cat person. I love animals I just didn’t really want the shedding in the house so I went along with this idea. I went to the shelter and picked out a boy and girl (siblings).


Shelter Pic ↑

The kids named them Bo & Arrow (I know minus the ‘w’). Well wouldn’t you know I would pick out a deaf cat? Nothing wrong with this unless you plan on keeping her outside. So, from the very beginning I have found myself bringing the cats into the garage every night (which means im also changing a litter box 🙄). This not so much a cat person is in loooove. So much in love that I accidently leave the house door open every single day. Anyway long story short, we had an event one evening and weren’t home to put them in the garage at the usual time. Arrow (white kitty that can’t hear) was nowhere to be found when we got home. I searched until 2:am. No luck. She showed up at the door around 11:00 the following evening with her little mouth ripped open. I took her to the vet the next morning and we still have no clue what she got into. The most popular guess was barbed wire 😦  So you know what happened next right? Cha Ching, Cha Ching $$$$.


My husbands way of thinking is they are cats, they are outside, let them be. So now these cats that he wanted to just let be are a lot more than he/we anticipated. She still has several follow up vet visits (including another surgery). Now you get my sudden urge to put some of this money back.  He doesn’t know the actual dollar amount already spent at the vet, and he doesn’t need to. I’d like to stay married to him for at least a little while longer 😉

This baby ….


We are on the hunt for the worlds most comfortable couch. Why is this so hard to find? When I say comfortable I mean deep, fall into and can’t get up without assistance comfortable. Someone here has to have an amazing couch that you can share with the rest of us!! Shoot me a message or post about it on the Facebook page please oh please!!!

It’s Taco Tuesday !


I think we will try this one out tonight. Anything with cream cheese screams my name. Find it at

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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