Sleeping is life

Sleeping is life

Hey guys! Happy Saturday!!  

It’s 10:00 and I’m still in bed. I’m not going to act like this never happens. It also happened yesterday. Judge away. 

For years I would sleep about 4-6 hours a night and go on about my day with a Red Bull in each hand. I got a lot done and was probably more productive than ever. Slowly those things became the devil and we sadly had to part ways. 😢

I’ve always stayed up pretty late. I really enjoy that time when the house is too quiet to be able to clean anything or do laundry. I don’t have anyone asking me to do anything and there isn’t anywhere I need to be (other than bed). It’s always been somewhere between 11:00 and 1:00 in the morning before I would call it a day. 

I’ve tried so many things to naturally help myself get more rest. I’ve been in full blown menopause since the age of 31. That’s obviously a huge part of the problem but I will spare you those details for another day.
Anyway, with lifestyle changes and a protein shake I’ve been on for a while, (and a thermostat always set on 65) I’m a sleeping machine and proud of it! I could easily fall asleep by 9:00 every night. I don’t, but I could 😀

I have a new foundation that I’m absolutely in love with! So much in love that I’m writing you from my iPhone while still in bed because I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisterizing Balm. 

Y’all. . . It’s amazing.

This is the perfect spring to summer coverage. It goes on so smooth and has the most gorgeous natural looking dewy glow. Yesterday I wore it without even putting powder on top. I know, but it’s that perfect!!! 

And a bonus- SPF 25 😍 because who wants cancer or more freckles?

*Light coverage. *Mainly for dry skin

Trust me. Buy it.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Getting a new dog is like giving birth and bringing home a toddler.

Getting a new dog is like giving birth and bringing home a toddler.

Happy Tuesday !!

I finally gave in to all of the nagging and begging and fussing about getting a dog. I stood firm for a while and was so proud of myself. I entertained all the trips to the shelter and even brought Roo (our mini Schnauzer) for one of the visits to see how she took to other dogs. Honestly guys, I wasn’t getting a dog. 2 cats, 1 dog, 24 acres, messy kids, and messier husband….Not Happening!!

So, we have a new dog.


Her name is Bella.

Per my husbands request we spent an entire Saturday dog hunting. Shelter to shelter. On the very last stop we spotted her. That color, those eyes, that face…

She was surrounded by cages of barking dogs and she just sat there quietly wagging her crooked tail. At other shelters we were able to take the dogs out in the play yard to get to know them better. This place you could only go in their room (small room) with them. Whatever. I caved.

I have had a close to perfect dog for the last 5 years. She runs away and wont walk right on a leash to save her life….but other than that, angel.

Bella, well……..we are having to learn how to train a dog. She chews everything. Roo never chewed.  Roo never used a crate. Bella is in a crate. Roo will hold her pee and poo all day. Bella pees AND poos every 30 minutes!!!!! We just came in from about a 1/2 mile walk. Not 10 minutes inside and she pees. Somebody help me and help me fast!!!!! So there’s that, the part where she acts like she wants to eat the cats, and she’s on 2 pills a day for sneezing like crazy allergies🙄 . We will get it figured out. Right?

This guy will be 14 next week !!! I don’t know if there is anyone on this earth with a bigger heart than his. I have no idea what I did to deserve such a blessing. Even when he hooks himself so bad fishing that he ends up in the hospital because NONE of us could get it out, he’s still being sweet and respectful.


I’m going to hold on tight to this last year without him behind the wheel.

Thank you for all the hilarious couch feedback. I laughed so hard at your pictures!!! Although I didn’t get a single real couch recommendation the fact that you took the time placing your family in awkward uncomfortable positions on your old hard couches to snap me a pic trumped it all 🙂 SO SO funny!!! I feel your uncomfortable pain 😉.

Did you watch the 3 hour bachelor last night? I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of Corinne’s from the very beginning. She started to grow on me about halfway through and now i’m #teamcorinne for life. Like can I get her number and get her to take me shopping too? So who is Nick picking? You know I have already read the spoilers because I don’t know how to handle a surprise. If you don’t know who he picks share your guess with us!!

I haven’t posted a new product in a while. Remember, I never fix up anymore 😉 So, I decided to share this one with you today. I am far from a contouring expert. I don’t even technically contour. I dab a little here and a little there…but I love this stuff!s1615186-main-Lhero

Its Anastasia Beverly Hills $40 at Sephora  ← click for link. I use this one in light-medium. It comes in 3 shades. I love using the top right color to highlight. Make sure to grab a few different size contouring brushes!!!

Enjoy your Tuesday!!

Adorable Creatures

Adorable Creatures

It’s Tuesday and I can’t believe we only have one more week left in this month. Literally flown by!!!

I’ve spent the majority of my day posting items on Ebay. Do any of you sell on Ebay? If so, does it take you forever? I feel like it takes me so long to create a single listing. Regardless, I love doing it. After I post an item and start seeing how many views it has I want to start finding other things to list.  Now, hours later I have about 8 things listed. I promise before the day is up there will be more 🙂

Part of my sudden urge to make a little money comes from the guilt I have from our most recent vet bill. When we moved into the new house my husband suggested getting a couple of outdoor cats to take care of any pests issues we might come across. We have acreage so plenty of room for them to roam. I had cats growing up but wouldn’t really consider myself a cat person. I love animals I just didn’t really want the shedding in the house so I went along with this idea. I went to the shelter and picked out a boy and girl (siblings).


Shelter Pic ↑

The kids named them Bo & Arrow (I know minus the ‘w’). Well wouldn’t you know I would pick out a deaf cat? Nothing wrong with this unless you plan on keeping her outside. So, from the very beginning I have found myself bringing the cats into the garage every night (which means im also changing a litter box 🙄). This not so much a cat person is in loooove. So much in love that I accidently leave the house door open every single day. Anyway long story short, we had an event one evening and weren’t home to put them in the garage at the usual time. Arrow (white kitty that can’t hear) was nowhere to be found when we got home. I searched until 2:am. No luck. She showed up at the door around 11:00 the following evening with her little mouth ripped open. I took her to the vet the next morning and we still have no clue what she got into. The most popular guess was barbed wire 😦  So you know what happened next right? Cha Ching, Cha Ching $$$$.


My husbands way of thinking is they are cats, they are outside, let them be. So now these cats that he wanted to just let be are a lot more than he/we anticipated. She still has several follow up vet visits (including another surgery). Now you get my sudden urge to put some of this money back.  He doesn’t know the actual dollar amount already spent at the vet, and he doesn’t need to. I’d like to stay married to him for at least a little while longer 😉

This baby ….


We are on the hunt for the worlds most comfortable couch. Why is this so hard to find? When I say comfortable I mean deep, fall into and can’t get up without assistance comfortable. Someone here has to have an amazing couch that you can share with the rest of us!! Shoot me a message or post about it on the Facebook page please oh please!!!

It’s Taco Tuesday !


I think we will try this one out tonight. Anything with cream cheese screams my name. Find it at

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Thank YOU

Thank YOU


Deciding to blog again wasn’t an easy decision. Even as I typed yesterdays post I still had my doubts and honestly, I wasn’t even sure I would hit publish once I finished. Can I just say I’M SO GLAD I DID 🙂 You all sure know how to make somebody feel good!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the sweet messages. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. We all have trying times and we all go through things that nearly break us, but how lucky am I to have so much support?! I’m so, so grateful !!

The truth is, there will always be someone out there in this cyber world that wakes up each day with a hateful agenda. The difference this time around is i’m prepared 🙂

Thank you again for all the love.


I’m over it :) 

I’m over it :) 

Hey guys!!


I know, its been a while!! I’m just going to dive right in and be completely honest with you. I got my feelings hurt. I knew that we lived in a cruel world and I knew putting myself out there I was going to be taking that chance, but I thought I could handle it. My favorite part of the blog world was connecting with people. I loved and lived for your comments and messages. I loved waking up everyday to someone asking me a question or hearing that you tried something that I shared and it worked for you. Loved it! The more you shared the more followers I received. That’s a good thing. The more people I could connect with, the more exciting it was for me. Unfortunately, people take this whole freedom to say whatever I want world we live in to a level I don’t understand. People feel like it’s ok to judge and/or say hurtful things when really nobody asked. Why is that? If you post something on Facebook that I think is hideous, I am not going to tell you. Why would I? If you like it that’s all that matters. Did you post a picture of you and your husband and caption it with, “Tell me if you like this shirt or not?” No, you didn’t. Therefore, it’s not my place to tell you that you could do better 😉 If you have a lot of freckles who am I to have a problem with that?  Well, apparently some people do. God gave me lots and lots of them and there isn’t anything I can do about it, right? So telling me I would be pretty IF I didn’t have so many is one of those things that you are more than welcome to keep to yourself. Told you I was going to dive right in 😉 So you get the picture… I got my feelings hurt. I was going through several rough patches at the time this started. I was buying a new house and going through the packing up process, I didn’t have one of my best friends in the whole wide world to vent to, and I was having some health issues. It was just bad timing so I took it pretty hard. That wasn’t the only thing said. I found myself blocking a few people a week. Yes, I’m serious!! Look, I loved getting the feedback. I loved just hearing hello. But, when someone sends me a message telling me I must suck at being a parent to my kids because I’m so consumed with buying clothes or fixing my hair, it hurts. Even though I know thats ridiculous and not true, it still made me sick to my stomach.


I did what I do best and questioned what I was doing and why a million times. I eventually just stopped and felt at peace. We moved, the kids started a new school, and things started feeling a lot better. The problem is, I loved having the blog and being able to connect with you all. I genuinely liked it! So I missed it. I’ve thought about starting it back up a dozen times but just let it fizzle out. Until now.


I want to reconnect. I don’t really have a plan. I don’t know how I want to do this or what I want to talk about, I just know that I want to start talking to you all (well most of you all) again. I have prayed enough now to know that I can take it. I know that people have all kinds of things going on in their lives and for some unfortunately they feel better when they can bring others down. To those people, I am praying for you. I am praying for you every single day, multiple times a day. The only way you can hurt me is by making me feel sorry for you and the sad, lonely, life you must be living.

The moral of the story is be nice. Just be nice. Be nice. BE NICE !


Have a great Friday!!!!

Quality time & Design

Quality time & Design


Tomorrow is Friday!! Tomorrow is Friday!! (aka the night I hang with Jason Aldean)

We had some pretty nasty storms last night that kept me up super late so I have been  worthless today. I did managed to catch up on Real Housewives of Orange County and Dancing with the Stars so I guess not completely worthless?  I’m still able to do the important things like pick flowers and prepare a nutritious meal for my family.


They will have to get their own drinks and plates because you gotta draw the line somewhere 😉.

While I was wondering around my house today pretending to do things I started wondering if everyone else has a spouse and kids like mine or if my crew is just in a league of their own. I feel like I never can have a 100% completely clean, all picked up (laundry done and all) house. I honestly start my day (everyday) picking up the same crap I know for a fact I picked up the day before.

I generally go around grabbing and then put it all at the bottom of the stairs (because I love them but I will not take it to their rooms for them). This way, the next time they head up they will have to trip over it to get to their rooms.  Looks like mine just slide it over and keep going. …..


I’m either not yelling loud enough or not taking away phones as often as I should. 🙄

I’m sitting here right now in a family room that has the sectional sofa pulled apart in 3 different pieces, a rug that belongs in the office,  and a chest sitting out in the middle of the room screaming, “find a freaking place for me already”! Trust me I hear it loud and clear! The problem is I had the office rug right where it was suppose to be (in the office) and I have a great rug in my family room. But, as I always do……I started wondering if a lighter color rug would look better. So I start tearing rooms apart to figure it out. It never works and I never do anything other than create more work for myself.

So, instead of bringing more rugs to my bedroom (where I desperately need a rug) I took a picture and now I need your help.


 I have not painted yet. I was thinking a very light gray for the walls. We have a black bed, a black chest, 2 mirrored nightstands, and a really big silver floor mirror. I cant decide on rug color to save my life. HELP! The room is large so I am planning on putting a full sofa on one wall with a coffee table, and a chair (maybe 2) on the wall with the floor mirror. Trying to figure out what color furniture to go with is hard enough but then adding the color of the rug…..STUCK. Send me your thoughts! Please 🙂

Honestly, I wish the bedrooms had carpet. 😬

I started something new with my husband this week and I wanted to share. Our old morning routine was basically me up first, get the kids up for school, walk back in the bedroom and tell him to get up 15 more times (at least) and then leave to take the kids to school. When I got back home he would be walking out the door. When we were looking at buying this house one of the things we loved was the balcony off of our bedroom. We talked about having coffee there together every morning. We have been in this house for 2 months (2 months today actually Happy Anniversary!) so it’s time 😉. I still get up first (because unfortunately some things you just can’t change) and I make our coffee. The best part is he rolls right out of bed. I don’t have to tell him twice! We only have about 10 minutes with our coffee (and the deer that we love to watch) until the kids come out either telling on the other or just wanting to hang with us, but that’s ok because it’s 10 more minutes than we’ve ever had. I will admit the first morning was great and we even probably had closer to 15 minutes, the second morning was great as well. The third morning we both brought our phones out (even though we said we would not do that) and this morning i’m not sure if we even spoke (I stayed up too late remember??). BUT, it’s a great way to start our day regardless and every little bit of time is time we need together.


Life is good.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!!

XOXO  Carrie


Where have you been!?

Where have you been!?

I get that question a lot.

im sorry cat.png

Ok, it’s not that deep guys (but that’s pretty funny).

 The truth is, we moved !!  I know, everybody moves and life goes on so where have I been for the last few months.

I had every intention of taking some time away from my blog to get moved and settled and then jump right back in to shopping, finding good deals, and sharing it all with you.

Here’s the problem.

I . Have . Not . Shopped.


It’s true.

That was hard to admit. But, as weird as that felt saying truth is I LOVE MY NEW LIFE!

We bought a house with 23 acres and I never want to leave. Ever. I literally work outside everyday. I went weeks without even putting on makeup.


My point is, I haven’t had anything new to share with you guys unless you want to know about the deal we got on our zero turn mower or the best place to buy tractor parts..?

I received some really sweet messages from ya’ll over the last couple of months. Several of you suggested that I do more of a lifestyle type blog vs the fashion and beauty stuff since my focus isn’t really there right now. I love that idea but my life really isn’t that interesting. I had a few friends suggest that I blog about the new house and how i’m decorating and just whatever issues I run into while getting this place the way I really want it. That would be great, but I am not a professional decorator by any means.

I know that I do love connecting with you all and you already know how much I love hearing back from you. I prayed about the route I should take because that’s just what I do. I pray, and I pray, and then I pray some more.

So, now i’m just going for it. 😀

After about 3 years of looking for a house, no looking at land, no looking at houses, no looking at houses with land we finally found exactly what we were looking for. Shout out to the best, most patient, truly caring realtor on the face of this earth (seriously do not buy or sell without asking me for her contact info). PS-she brought me doughnuts last week so she has completely stolen my heart.

So, the movers showed up about 9:00a.m. on moving day and left around 1:00 a.m. LONG DAY! So first thing the next morning before anyone touched a box we broke in the pool.

FullSizeRender-3.jpgThat is my cute mom in the hat. I would never have survived the move without her!! Unfortunately the swan is no longer with us RIP.

I’m really looking forward to sharing our life with you and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the new idea.

I still receive lots of great deals every day so I promise to keep you up to date when something looks really good!!

Talk again soon !!



Good Sale Sunday ;)

Good Sale Sunday ;)

Happy Sunday!

I wanted to quickly share a good sale with you all! One of my favorite sites 6pm has up to 75% 0ff New Balance. This is clothes and shoes for your entire family!

How cute are these precious back to school shoes for the little ones?

kids new balance

Guess what? Less than $14.00 !!!! Whaaaattt??

Or, this cute tank is only $9.99! It comes in many colors 🙂

new balance tank.jpg

Check it all out HERE !

Also, LOFT has an EXTRA 60% all sale items! This ends tonight so you better hurry! The final discount will be taken after you add your items to your cart. Click HERE and shop away!

Remember to follow me on Facebook for more sales!

Enjoy your (extremely HOT) Sunday !!


You can never be too busy for a good sale!

You can never be too busy for a good sale!

Hey hey! Remember the posting issues I was telling you about a while back? Turns out it wasn’t my fault at all. I know I’m seriously lacking in the smarts department when it comes to technology…but this time I was doing it right! 😀 I will admit I started it by trying to swap from one blog host to another….but….we won’t count that.

I’m going to assume my post about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale never made it to any of you. I will also assume my long spill about moving and traveling never showed up either ☹️

So yes, Nordstom Anniversary sale is going on now! There is not enough room or time for me to lay out all the amazing deals! Grab a glass of wine or your sleepy time tea tonight and sip away while you browse the site. Trust me, it’s awesome!!!!

I’ve been traveling quite a bit and now I’m finally back home and have 7 days to pack up my entire house before we move. I don’t know how to do anything unless it’s last minute. So far, I haven’t started doubting myself….yet. Good vibes and prayers always appreciated 😉 I think I can, I think I can …..

I can not wait to settle down and get back to sharing my life and finds with you all. I still love reading your messages. Thank you for sending those!

I will be tied up a little longer with this move but if there is a good deal you can’t live without I will certainly share with you! Be sure you are following me on Facebook. It’s faster (and definitely easier) to share something with you there.

Let me know what you find at Nordstrom!!

Enjoy your weekend!!


my June & my new cute dress

my June & my new cute dress

Happy Thursday !!

I sure have missed ya’ll.

The only way I know how to describe this month is roller coaster.


Looks something like that.

The kids are out for summer break and I have all of a sudden managed to become mom of the year overnight. If I would let them, they would wear headphones and stare at their ipads all day. Guess what? I’ve let that happen…i’ve even let that happen for more than one day…exactly how many days i’m going to keep to myself 😁  Judge away.

So most of you know our house is on the market. Good times. 🙄 I will say this…I am getting really good at keeping a clean and tidy house . My kids are finally picking up on a few good habits too. When they wake up, they make their beds. YES, i’m serious! When they get something out, they put it back. YES, i’m serious! I don’t even have to tell them to! It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! So forget the yelling, punishing, even bribing way of trying to teach your kids some good life lessons…just list your house. 😜

Some other things we did this month….

  • We had more than one irrigation leak in the front yard = Soggy mess.
  • We  took a quick road trip (quick as in the amount of time we stayed, not the drive) to close on our house. Hallelujah !! We no longer own a house in Alabama! THAT is a beautiful feeling.
  • We are in the process of purchasing a new home. Had I known the amount of back and forth we would have to do with the lender I would have just invited him to move in for a little while. It’s exhausting. Maybe that way instead of exchanging 1,807 emails and phone calls we could have just knocked it all out in a day or 2 😉  You live and learn. Joking aside, we are excited and very grateful for our new beginning.
  • My mom flew in and spent a week with us. So good for my soul.
  • I turned 37. My husband was out of town and family had gone home so I spent this day with my kids. We shopped, ate lots of unhealthy food, and saw Finding Dory. After that we stayed up late gorging on a giant cookie cake (after we added peanut butter AND Nutella on top of the already there icing).
  • Then there’s been a little packing, boxing, and a gazillion trips to the thrift store drop box.

June has also been full of other highs and lows not only for myself, but my family too. When something happens that you just don’t understand or that you never would have imagined could happen, it consumes your brain…or at least that’s what happened to me. I sat down a handful of times to work on my blog and I just couldn’t clear my head enough to put anything together for you. I even considered stopping it all together.

Last week I met up with a friend that I don’t get to see nearly enough. We only had a short visit but later that night that visit made me realize that I have to get back to doing this. About a year ago my favorite blogger decided to stop writing. She posted about once a week and I always looked forward to it and probably got a little too excited when I would discover something new. That’s the reason I decided to start sharing with you all. I’m not a writer. There are countless errors no doubt. Look, if it wasn’t lunch when I was in school, then I just wasn’t interested. Anyway, my point is I wanted you guys to possibly find something new that you didn’t know was out there or that maybe you had been considering trying …and then be able to enjoy it the way I have. The day I saw my friend she was wearing my favorite flats….and even better, she said she had bought more than one pair 😉  That got me thinking about others that have also found something they love from my blog. I came home and reread some of the messages you guys have sent me while I was taking a break. Ya’ll know I LOVE getting your thoughts and questions, right?. LOVE it.

So yeah, breaks over.

This month will be crazy busy for me so I won’t be able to blog everyday…probably not even every other day some weeks…but no doubt I will get a few out a week. I’ve got several new exciting things to share with you and I know you will love them!

Since you just suffered through a lot of words about my month then I won’t leave you without one good find 😉 It’s the least I can do.😉 I bought this dress last week from Nordstrom. I actually went for something else and just happened to spot this and try it on and what do you know, I love it ♥ That happens a lot.

I’m sharing because it’s on sale!


Socialite High Neck Dress – Nordstrom  $20.40

There are several colors to choose from and some with stripes. The navy blue is what’s on sale. I don’t know about the others but i’m able to wear this without anything under it (yes I wear undies! I’m referring to a slip)  …but it isn’t lined. It’s really light, flowy (forgiving), and has pockets! I wore mine casual with flat sandals. The arm holes are a tad big on me but it still works. Runs large so you will want to size down one size.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!!