Let’s be comfortable.

Let’s be comfortable.

Happy Monday!

It’s so good to be back!

I guess techically i’m not really back because i’m still on the couch. X-ray’s yesterday still showed spots on my lungs so i’m on another antibiotic to treat this pneumonia. I can honestly say I have never been this sick (for this long).

Fever has managed to stay away for 2 full days now so I feel like a new gal….just a new gal without energy.

sick meme

Anybody else just want your mama when you are sick? My husbands way of helping was waking the kids up for school one day so I wouldn’t have to….. I still had to drive them….So sweet ….;) ? Then he went out of town. On this day nobody even went to school. I literally slept the entire day. I’m going to assume they ate that day 😉

I decided to talk about being comfortable today. I have spent the last week in nothing but cozy clothes, makeup free, and we won’t even talk about my hair.

I absolutely love yoga pants. Yes, I am one of those. I have attempted yoga twice (in my living room) …but I will wear the pants like I just walked out of class everyday.

On the budget friendly side Target has a pair that I have worn for years. These are so comfortable and have held up really well.

Mossimo Yoga Pant | Target $14.99

target yoga.jpg

Even better are these from Walmart. I have 2 pair that I wear more than all the others. These have held up so so well. I wash AND dry and they dont shrink at all. I can’t say enough about how cozy and easy these are. If i’m not taking the kids to school in them, i’m sleeping in them (or going to the mall or getting groceries yes..I wear them everywhere). The best part, the price!

No Boundries Yoga Pant | Walmart  $9.88

walmart yoga

On the not so budget friendly side is Zella.

I LOVE LOVE Zella. All of it! We will talk about that another day 😉

How about comfortable t-shirts? Right now i’m on a favorite graphic tee hunt and I might have found it. This shirt is hands down the softest tee I own. So, so comfortable! Last week while I was doing nothing but laying around  I wore this 2 days in a row….then, I washed and dried it while I was getting a shower and put it right back on. If that isn’t love I don’t know what is. 😉

Sub_Urban Riot Tee | Nordstrom  $34

nordstrom riot tee

vitamin sea

*Note the Walmart pants are also pictured.

I like my tee’s having a more generous fit vs a snug fit. So if you like yours the same then I would say it’s true to size (i’m wearing the small). If you like a more fitted look then size down 1 size. Honestly, softest shirt EVER 😉

Sub_Urban Riot has many other choices. I have 3 and they are all soft…however this one is the softest.

Nordstrom has these in stores right now but for those of you that aren’t near a store (i’m so sorry)…remember it’s always free shipping and free returns!

Ok I know it’s getting warm outside but i’m sticking with my favorite comfortable things AND it’s majorly on sale so I have to share.  I stayed covered up most of last week with this blanket. Since I was running fever I even carried it to bed with me and used it on top of my comforter. We really bonded. We have 3 of these and use them all for couch lounging rather than on our beds. It is an electric blanket which is GREAT for winter but i’m using it now without the added heat.


*shown in Queen and color is Taupe*

I can’t say enough good about this blanket. It’s super soft and just perfect for us.

4 colors and sizs available

King, Queen, Full, Twin

Biddeford Heated Microplush Blanket | Target

Its 65% off right now (all sizes) !!!!

Orig $79.99 now $27.98 (queen)

I can’t finish the post today without throwing in some sort of makeup 😉

I’ve told you all about my dry lips so i’m always looking for something new other than boring chapstick. I found this at Target and i’m liking it. It’s Covergirl so i’m sure it’s at any drugstore and grocery store too.

Oh Sugar ! $6.99


This is really sheer so don’t be afraid to go bold.  Keeps my lips moisturized and feels really nice on. Give it a try!

Thank you all so much for the kind get well messages!

So very sweet and i’m happy to be back!

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